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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What do I need? It’s more like what do I want and what can I find?

I’m getting big and I’m getting ready.

It looks like I have a basketball in my belly.

Round and bouncy and plump.

This little girl is coming in two months.

Her official due date is April 18th, but since I have big babies my doctor has mercifully agreed to induce me April 8th.

Glory day.

I’m slowing down a bit, but there are certain things I will fight to do until the bitter end. Like:

Garage Sales

What do I need? What do I need? It’s more like what do I want and what can I find?

I found this amazing cabinet piece out shopping at yard sales. My kitchen is an L-shape and I have this small corner that needs some organizing. This piece of trash fit perfect. I've learned so much from Kelly (she really is the queen of bargains). Normally, I would have paid the asking price of $20.00, but I offered $10.00 instead. And $10.00 is what I brought it home for.

And this super sweet vintage fabric. I have a piano bench in desperate need of reupholstering. This fabric will look perfect on it and for $1.00, I'll give it a try.


I found these Venezia Size 22 khaki shorts, both for $1.00. After an inspection, I found the (I'm whispering now) crouch (ssshhh!) to be to beaded and worn out. Darn it!

I really like the brand Timberland. I'll either sell this on EBay or give it to my brother.

Avril Lavigne's brand called Abbey Dawn. Some cute skate girl with an attitude will love this.

Banana Republic is a great brand, but I find just basic t-shirts like this one, don't sell. Maybe because they're not too expensive to purchase new.

Old Navy Size 16 Denim Jean Cargo Knee Length Skirt. Sweet.

Eddie Bauer Size 16 Rayon Dress. A green tag means $1.00.

And look, no armpit stains.

Tommy Bahama for $1.00. I'll take that.

This desk has a tag that says week #2. That means instead of $49.00, it's a dollar.
It's solid wood, all the drawers work great and I love the vintage legs. Let's give it to Kelly and see what she'll do with it.

And finally, Tuna Salad

Chop, chop, chop some Fugi apple

Purple onion

Red pepper, celery,

Cranberry's and walnuts. Mix it all in with some tuna and light mayonnaise.

Some sharp cheddar cheese and multi-grain crackers.

Shopping and lunch, what a great day.
Now, time for some reading, at least that's what the kids say.

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