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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Part II

I wanted to share a few more teacher appreciation gifts ideas with everyone- Not that I'm pressuring you or anything- but I do think teachers work really hard and deserve to have a week all their own to be recognized.  Yesterday's teacher appreciation gift was found on the blog Eighteen25.  This is her picture (because I forgot to take one of my own) but ours looked similar, minus the bag of chocolates.  
Today's gift is a combination of two ideas.    Here's my picture ( I finally remembered)
Inside this cute little package is a cellophane bag full of swedish fish.  I got the saying from Eighteen25 (again) and the package idea came from did someone say party?  This is just a lunch sack cut with fancy scissors and then sewn up.  I ordered the red and white twine and the colored gift tags from a great new obsession of mine, Pick Your Plum.  They only sell one item per day on their website, but each item is always so fun.  Don't forget to recognize the teachers in your lives- especially this week.  Love, Kelly


  1. What a swedish fish? I don't think we have them down under. Kind regards, Julie Sydney, Australia

  2. As a teacher, I wouldn't want soda (I personally don't drink it). I'd want some pens, maybe some pretty pencils, some Scotch tape, a new stapler and staples, and some pretty writing paper for the kids! But, that's just me! :-)

  3. I love Pick Your Plum. It is wickedly dangerous, though, isn't it?

    cute ideas!