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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Painting For Others

Do you remember when I said I didn't want to ever do a commissioned piece of furniture again?  If you don't remember you can read about it here. When I paint a piece of furniture I feel it speaks to me.  As I sand, I start to get ideas for color and if it should be distressed, or glazed, stained or natural.  When painting for other people (who are paying you) They typically choose the color ant that takes a bit of fun out of it for me.  However, I recently teamed up with a slip cover artisan who would like to start taking painted pieces to shows to help showcase his upholstered furniture.  He has a great eye for furniture, but no time to paint it.  I agreed to do two pieces to help him get ready for his next show.  I unfortunately forgot to take before pics of the first piece- but here's the after.  

I Just love the lines of this table.  I also love that I was able to choose the color.  Take a closer look at the details on the base...

For the second piece, I painted this buffet...

 It was in really rough shape- so the wood couldn't be saved.  I chose a light gray...

It was delivered without hardware and he thought he would keep this piece for his wife- However, he found another one this weekend that will work better as a vanity sink- so this one is up for grabs.  If you're interested and live locally- He's selling it for $450.  I would probably dress it up with some glass knobs from Hobby Lobby!  So, it looks like I'm going to give this painting for other people another shot.  I finished a rocker last week for a nursery (sorry no pics) and I've got 3 more tables lined up from my slip cover guy (I hope he's not offended that I call him that :) )  Also, looks like we'll be having a bit of an estate sale this weekend in our driveway- I've got a huge amount of construction materials I'm selling for a client (custom cabinetry, 10- 8 foot solid core doors, windows, french doors, Trane air conditioner, 400 amp panel box, RO system, bath tub, and so much more!)  We'll also have tons of furniture, accessories and designer clothing.  Again, if you live close, look for pics on the blog on Friday- The sale will start Saturday at 7am here in Mesa, Arizona- I'll post the address on Friday.  Love, Kelly.

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  1. I used to have a buffet just like the one pictured! It was a piece that was in my husbands childhood home and after we were married I took it over. The top was in such bad shape that a few coats of paint was the only thing that saved it. I ended up giving it back to my husbands mother for mothers day!