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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 Tables And A Painter

Lately, I've been dabbling in the "paint for other people" business, so,  I wanted to share 3 tables I just finished up for a client.  

This table has such amazing lines, so unique.  The client wanted black and here she is all dressed up

 Table two had this fabulous avocado green painted finish, but the bottom shelf had been replaced with plywood, so it needed a new paint job.  I chose my favorite green...

 I love how this one turned out, look at those legs...

 Table three was quite a mess.  My client had to glue and clamp to make it sturdy again and I spent lots of time filling and sanding.  So worth it- here's the after...
 I love the chippy finish!  Here's a closer look...

 All of these tables are up for sale, so if you're local and interested I can put you in touch with my client for prices.  Which one is your favorite?  Let us know.  Love, Kelly.


  1. It is hard to choose a favorite--you did a great job on all of them! Perfect color choices! Can't wait to hear about the contractor sale and your finds over the weekend!

  2. They are all awesome! But, I think the last one is my very favorite!

  3. Those turned out really great...nice job!


  4. GAH! Those tables are Gorgeous! I love the detail in them. Of course, I'm keen on the green one!