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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Love Notes, Qcumberz and Weekend Finds

I work on my manuscript this weekend, typing away on the computer.  Eden and Reef play in the toy room, Mayer is skateboarding and Payson helps unload the dishwasher.
It’s almost 5:00pm, I take a break from my writing just long enough to put dinner in the oven.
I come back to the computer and find this little message typed in at the bottom of the page.
My son, Chandler does this all the time. 
I’m working on a writing project and step away from the computer for a while.  Maybe I clean up the kitchen, play with Eden and Reef, stick dinner in the over and then I come back to my writing and find a little love note he’s typed in.
Chandler’s often has his nose in a book, reading in the lazy boy chair next to the computer while I work.  I run ideas past him.  He’s a great editor, even helps me with spelling from time to time.
He encourages me with his little love notes.  The love of my children is such a gift. 
Here's another note Chandler wrote me, well . . . more like a list.
A grocery list to be exact.
The truth is, I tend to be a bit forgetful, so Chandler has taken it upon himself to write out a list before I run off to Costco.  
Notice the bold direction:
When we arrived at Costco, Chandler asked me to pull out the list.  Well, I forgot the list.  I left it at home on the kitchen counter, but Chandler remembered everything he had written down and was able to help me find what we needed.
Chandler is away at science camp for the next few days.
Can you tell I miss him?
I love that boy.  He's a good one.
So . . . Ron, the owner of Qcumberz called this weekend.  I sold my little farm table and 4 chairs I purchased a few weeks ago while out garaging.  
I was a little hesitant when I purchased this set for $40.00, but it was unique enough to catch my eye so I thought maybe it would catch someone else's too.
Remember my green man painting?  He sold last week too.  
I purchased him for $7.99 and he sold for $49.50.  I knew he was special.
And this cement lion's head sold.  I think it used to be on a fountain in a fancy resort or hotel.  It weighs about 25 pounds.
Other Qcumberz sales?
This retro lunch box
and my GROW garden box that I painted and modge-podged.
My weekend garage sale finds were great.
Starting with Eden’s $1.00 dress.  So sweet and worth all 100 pennies.
Eden wore her $1.00 dress to church while Reef and I wore our dollar day thrift store finds.
I found a few other knick-knacks, 
but was thrilled with I found this gorgeous French provincial dresser.  I can't wait to get my sander on this one.  Last time I had one like this, the vote was to paint it pink, but it sold before I ever got around to painting it.  
I wonder what color I should paint this one?
The counselor decided he wanted to hit the thrift stores to buy some furniture too.  He's been working with me long enough to know what I'm looking for.
What a great find, but what I really love is the guy who found it.  "Take a picture for your blog," he suggests, but of course I already have the camera ready.  I snapped the picture just as he said "This is my first purchase, #1, but more to come."
This could be exciting.
And lastly, I call this dresser the "I Love Lucy" dresser.  
Something about it screams 1950's and I can just envision it in Lucille Ball's bedroom on the "I Love Lucy" show.
I finished painting it a bluish-gray and matched a mid-century nightstand to make it a complete set.
How was your weekend?   Any great trashy finds or sweet notes from someone you love?  Hugs.

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  1. I found a french provincial dresser almost EXACTLY like the one you did! I'm curious to see what you do with it....
    Congratulations on all your Qcumberz sales! Awesome stuff!