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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Remember Ebay?

A few weeks ago I posted that I would be stepping back from selling on ebay.  I had taken a few months off from selling and the plan was to list the 200 items I had put aside for summer and then call it quits.  Well... Those 200 items turned into $2,000!  It's hard to give that up... so I've decided to just list higher quality items- mostly dresses.  Since making that decision it seems I've been guided to a few yard sales that were flooded with name brand quality dresses for cheap.  Here's some of my latest sales...

 Women's New With Tags J.Crew Size 8 Green Silk Dress. Paid $1.00, sold for $32.51
 Women's Ann Taylor Loft Size 8 Linen Lavender Dress.  Paid .50, sold for $32.00
 Women's Ann Taylor Loft Size 8 Striped Cotton Sleeveless Dress.  Paid .50 sold for $23.00
 Women's Chico's Zenergy Size 3 (XLarge) Navy Blue Cargo Style Dress.  Paid $3.00 sold for $26.00

Women's Talbots Size 8 Pink Brocade Dress.  Paid $3.50, sold for $24.99.  I have a few financial goals I'm working on for the next year- so It looks like ebay will again be my leading man!  I'll keep you posted- heck, I might even bring back Trash to Cash Wednesday- Let me know what you think.  Love, Kelly.


  1. Can I ask; what is your opening bid on your items? I tried to sell a Tommy Hilfiger dress and I am pretty sure I started at too high a bid. I have a few other things that I would like to sell and this info would be helpful.

    Everytime I read your blog I get inspired to get busy finding things and selling them. I just got to get that first step right. " )

    Thank you

  2. I love trash to cash wednesdays, im so glad you'll continue doing them. I recently felt like calling it quits as well, I just haven't had the desire I did before, but I too have sold (not as much as you though - those are swesome sales!) and think I wil not give up yet.

  3. Please Please Please bring back trash to cash!! I learned so much.

  4. missed out on trash to cash but sounds awesome. i hope you bring it back. i'm also curious on what the opening bid was for the above items.....your blog is great, so much useful info and projects. love when you include the personal stories too!

  5. The opening bid for the J. Crew and Talbots dress was $24.99 all the other dresses opened at $19.99. I used to list everything at an opening bid of $9.00- however, 80% of the time the items would only receive one bid- I learned to start a little higher- when someone finds an item they like in their size and color they're willing to pay more than $9.00. Hope that helps.

  6. I have learned alot from your ebay stories. I am doing well with it and take a week off here and there. But I enjoy doing it. I would really like it if you brought back Trash to cash. Ebay helped us make it through some huge financial difficulties.

  7. Hard to turn down that kind of money! I too have been concentrating on higher end profit margins. So far, so good!

  8. I absolutely love Trash to Cash... it's what first brought me to your blog a very long time ago, and I had been hoping you'd go back to it.

    Your example inspired me to start selling clothes on Ebay and it's been terrific. I really hope you continue doing it and sharing your success with us.