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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trash To Cash

It's been a crazy week selling trash!  I had items on ebay and craigslist as well as running a contractor estate sale! Here's some of my top sellers.     

A year ago I may have passed on this Women's J.Jill Size XL Off-White Linen & Lace Top because it's not my style and seems a little dated.  However, I've learned that J.Jill never disappoints on ebay.  I paid .50 for this top at a yard sale and it sold for $25.49.

 Another .50 J.Jill XL linen top find- same garage sale.  This one sold for $16.60

I paid $1 for this Vera Bradley Frill Folkloric Twice as Nice Cosmetic Clutch at a yard sale.  It sold for $14.99.
I originally purchased this Fossil Key-Per Large Messenger Crossbody Shoulder Bag for myself.  It was $5 at a yard sale and I thought it was super cute.  However, when I saw what they went for on ebay, I couldn't resist.  This one sold for $61.00  I love those kinds of flips.  Now,  on to craigslist.  Lots of activity this week, here's some items that sold...

 I purchased this Ikea Poang chair for $10.00 at auction- Thought I could sell it for at least $40- No go. It sat for over two months at Qcumberz and then on craigslist for 2 weeks.  I finally sold it for $20 on craigslist.  Sometimes the profits aren't as high as I hoped, but generally I'm able to make a little profit.  I bought several pieces of furniture from a friend including these great accent tables- took no time at all for them to sell on craigslist.
 Sold for $25
 Sold for $30

Sold for $30
Sold for $23 (someone bargained at the estate sale)  And finally, one of my favorite pieces I've purchased recently...
This fabulous french settee was purchased for $50 and sold for $150.  This gets me closer to some of those financial goals I was telling you about.  When I meet when of my goals, I'll share more.  What did you sell this week?  Love, Kelly.


  1. I found a dresser at Goodwill and paid $10 for it. I didn't have to do a thing with it. Sold for $75 on craigslist. I also found Keen shoes, Northface jacket and Vera Bradley purses for super cheap at a community yardsale that I am listing on ebay. It gets so addicting!! Can't wait to hear about your financial goals.

  2. Hi Keely and Laura!

    J.Jill is crazy expensive even at the store, so it makes sense that they are profit makers on ebay. I had a $100 J. Jill gift card and it took me a YEAR to spend it over like 6 trips to the store. Hard to stomach paying $40 in gift money on a t-shirt so I kept passing on stuff and having to go back to find something. Ridiculous!

    So happy to hear about all of your progress. You two can do anything. I know it!


  3. Ooops I meant Kelly!

  4. Great post Kelly. I was wondering have made a blog entry regarding which stores you shops, how often you go "shopping", what brands sell and where and when to sell? I have a goal to pay for a trip to Oregon for my family as well as for a trip to Disneyland.

    I would appreciate any help or suggestion or even a day of mentoring would be great, wish I could help you out that way I'd be able to see the pro in action. Have so many goals I would love to attain but not quite sure how to get there.


  5. I didn't need to sell anything because you sold it all for me!

  6. HI: What are your current goals ? I read back a few months and couldn't find a post on it. I've been so motivated and encouraged in the past with the big goals (weddings, Disney World etc) . Thanks for sharing so much.
    ~ Christie