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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Is Here!

I borrowed an idea from my friend Jenny at Denton Sanatorium  She and her family make a  list of summer activities and posts it on a big poster board.  As they complete each activity they check it off.  I thought this was a great way to set some goals for the summer and keep us on track.  If I'm not careful weeks can slip away with too much TV and not enough family time. Here's a look at our list:

Flagstaff, rent movies, phoenix art museum, Pinedale, Georgia, Homemade Ice cream, P.J. Day (Jenny calls it slob day at her house- my kids chose PJ day- a day of no chores, stay in Pj's, and just relax) Library, Girls camp, cooking class, back to school shopping, camping, paint guest area (they don't all have to be fun activities) shooting, band camp, California, remove carpet in guest area (another chore that will be much easier if the whole family pitches in)  There will of course be lots of activities not on the list- but our goal will be to complete the list- spend time together as a family- and Enjoy Summer.  We got things kicked off this weekend when we picked peaches from our tree and made peach cobbler.  Here's the little girls and Mr. Right peeling and pitting the peaches...
We also checked off two items on our summer list (we circle them when they're done)  Pinedale and shooting.  Pinedale is a very small town in the White Mountains near Show Low, Arizona.  Mr. Right's parents live there and we went up to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  Our three year old loves to go see the chickens...
Mr. Right also got in a trip to take the girls shooting.  Here's the three holding a hot pink 22 caliber rifle- scary if you didn't know she was in experienced, safe, trained, capable hands.

Mr. Right has the patience of a saint.

And here's the 13 showing off her skills. 
Summer is a time when I feel we don't have to be so structured.  Sometimes we can stay up late, sleep in and take a few days to just lounge around.  We are especially excited this year to welcome a foreign exchange student from France.  She's 17 and will arrive in just 10 days.  She'll be with us for 1 month and we can't wait to share our culture with her as well as learn more about hers.  If you live in Arizona and would be interested in hosting a teenage boy from France let me know.  The coordinator just emailed today that a family cancelled.  This is our fifth time hosting and I can't tell you how rewarding an experience it is for our family.  Our first exchange student was from El Salvador about 7 years ago.  It's because of her that my 19 year old is now a fluent spanish speaker and is majoring in International Affairs.  You just never know what inspiration will come when you participate in an adventure.  What are you doing this summer?  Love, Kelly.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I've found that that small list really does help guide summer better.

    And that pink gun? Loving it. And a man that isn't afraid to be photographed holding it? He's a keeper!

  2. Kelly, could you share what program you use to find exchange students? We'd love to participate in that some day, but I'd like a reliable company to work through. Thanks!