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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Knick-knacks for sale!

I love myself a great funky chair, so when I first saw this chair and fell in love, I knew I was either crazy or brilliant.  When I actually bought it, I knew I was both!
At first I thought I was crazy.  Why do I love trash like this!  The funkier, the better.  I had a feeling it might not sell, but I tried not to be discouraged.  I staged it in my favorite place in my living room corner and it sold a few days later to a wonderful couple looking for a rocking chair for their baby nursery.  If this chair compliments there decor, I'd love to see the rest of the nursery.  My confidence is back and I'm on the lookout for more funky trash!
When I found this French lavender chair , I knew I might have a sell.
Us ladies are always looking for a great chair to re-purpose, well, not me because I don't have the talent or patience, but someone out there does.  I received so many calls on this chair.  It sold in one day to a woman taking an upholstery class at Mesa Community College.
Same thing with this antique mirror.
It's a great piece of history, I love it, I just don't have the space for it, but I do know how to sell it.  Remember, my philosophy is if you love it, but don't need it, most likely you can bring it home and re-sell it to someone who does have the cash and space.  I brought it home for $7.99 and sold it for $25.00.
A few other interesting purchases?
A bumbo chair I paid $2.00 later sold for $20.00.
A $10.00 corner shelf that sold for $30.00.
Cast iron cowboy shelves, paid $20.00 sold for $50.00.
And my favorite trashy find were these barn animals.  A huge bag was $1.99.  They've kept these kids busy for most of the day and my friends, that is priceless.
Priceless, indeed!
Jenny Matlock


  1. Super great finds. You are so inspiring. I agree..the barn was a "had to have" purchase.
    And really cool cowboy shelves too.
    Good advice about liking and not having a place for it. I see things like that all the time at the restore. I need to get re-selling!

  2. Good job. I always have to stop myself buying chairs. Maybe I shouldn't!!

  3. What great finds!! You've created quite a business, haven't you?? If I bring another thing into this house, Rod will KILL me!

    Hey, by the way, thanks for joining the Rogues!!!

  4. Wow great finds!! Those little animals look great..what a deal!

  5. I think you have a special talent, for sure. It's so not mine...I don't have the patience, but I think it's awesome that you find such great things and then are able to turn them around! you go girl!!

  6. Old follower stopping by - I have just posted a link to your review of Lucky by Alice Sebold. Hope it is okay?

  7. You just spot treasures wherever you go.

    What is that nursery rhyme? "And she shall have music wherever she goes?"

    Yours should be, "And she shall find treasures wherever she goes!"

    I love seeing your transformations.

    You are incredibly klever.

    Thanks for linking.