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Sunday, February 26, 2012


My weekend started Saturday morning with my nine year-old son Payson sneaking into bed with me.  He’d had a bad dream, a dream where I was no longer his mommy.
“I was so scared,” he said as he told me the details of his dream.
I held onto him tight while he cried into my shoulder.
I told him all the reasons why I loved him; he makes me laugh, how I love the way the wind blows through his hair when he runs, how he’s so sweet when he dances with his little sister, how he’s always the first one to try something new, and so on.  The baby has learned to crawl out of her crib, so she was in bed with us snuggling for a while too and finally started crying for her bottle.
The counselor picked up a dozen donuts and had them waiting for us on the table when we finally got out of bed. The little kids went with Daddy to the park, so Chandler and Payson went to garage sales with me. 
After hitting Jamba Juice, we found this $20.00 over-sized denim chair at a garage sale.  
It barely fit in the car, but with a little rope, we managed to get it home.  I have it listed on craigslist for $60.00.
I made fresh salsa salad for lunch.  
This recipe is one of my favorites.  Tomatoes, orange and yellow pepper, avocado, cilantro, feta cheese and a squeeze of lime juice.  Add a few tortilla chips, and it’s salsa with a fork.
After lunch, the kids did the unthinkable, yes, that’s them and the sweet neighbors in the pool.  
Not even 80 degrees outside yet, but they had to try it.
Payson's freezing and not sure if he'll take the plunge again.  
A few weeks ago I found this amazing vintage hutch for $50.00.  
In my $5.00 Speed Control Goodwill dress, I finally take the fixtures off and start sanding it down.  I still don't have official painting clothes, mainly because I'm too impatient to change.  I try to be very careful, but if I ruin too many clothes I'm sure I'll finally concede that I need to paint in real down n' dirty paint clothes.  
This hutch is going in my non-pantry. 
What’s a non-pantry? 
It’s a little hallway off your kitchen that you’re trying to turn into a pantry because you don’t really have a pantry.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.
Just peeking out are the blossoms of our apricot tree. 
I find Chandler relaxing on the hammock after his freezing swim in the pool.  The sun sure does feel wonderful.
Spring is just around the corner.
How was your weekend?

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  1. Ahhh what a wonderful weekend you had... Mine was a little more hectic but just as wonderful. :) P.S. I love your dress!