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Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome to my world Modge Podge

My life has totally changed forever.  I tried Modge-Podge for the very first time and I'm flying high.
I bought this bottle of Modge-Podge almost a year ago.  It sat in my kitchen cabinet, next to my herbal tea bags and every time I grabbed a bag of tea, I’d think “You know, I’d really like to learn how to use that Modge-Podge.”   Have you ever done that?  Purchased a crafting item, but didn't think you'd be able to figure it out?  Or do it as well as others you know have done it?  Or maybe it would be too difficult?
Yeah, I did that with Modge-Podge!
That day finally arrived.  I don't know, it just seemed like the right time to take the leap. I needed to add some pazzazz to all this trash I keep finding.  I was a bit nervous, but after about 1 minute, I was hooked.  I told Chandler “Besides the day I married your dad and gave birth to all you and your brothers and sister, this is the happiest day of my life.” 
He was a bit confused by that comment, but I meant every bit of it!
So, here is what I did with all my creative energy.
I started with this beautiful sketch art book by Janet Marsh.  I paid $2.98 for it at the thrift store. 
The most beautiful drawing.
Here are a few of the pages Modge-Podged onto this beautiful 1944 table I found at Goodwill for $4.99.

This little vintage wood toolbox also got hit with the Modge-Podge.
I also Modge-Podge the cute little wood boxes in the front.
Here's the before:
And this funky mini-etagere stand?
I literally started walking around my house, pulling anything I could hit with this great stuff.   I carried my sponge brush like a sword.  I was a woman on a mission.  The kids and dog stayed out of my path, but the counselor stopped me every now and then to give me a kiss.  He said my trash looked cute.  
So, here’s my little collection waiting to go down to QcumberZ. 
I may Modge-Podge for the next 48 hours without sleep, but I'm in heaven.
Eden and I at church on Sunday and I felt all dressed up for Valentines in my $4.99 thrift store skirt and $1.00 cardigan.  Eden's looking beautiful in her $3.00 garage sale dress from Grandma.  It all runs in the family around here.
Happy Valentines Day.  Love you all like family!


  1. How, how, HOW have you waited so long to Mod Podge!? Oh if we had only know you were holding out, we would have told you! All those years...wasted!

  2. Laura:

    That is hilarious about Mod Podge. I have it and have used it once--I like it.

    The stuff that you made is beautiful. I LOVE that side table with the nest and everything else. Very cute!

    You and Eden look gorgeous. What a great photo.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family and to Kelly and her family!

  3. You did a great job! I have Modge Podged once and it was super fun!

  4. Modge Podge is fun, and quite addictive, huh? You did an awesome job on all these projects, and totally transformed each one. Great job!