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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeling The LOVE!

My kitchen is covered in this...(I'm in the process of making 100 heart cookies for a young women's activity) Mr. Right looks like this...
and this
(after sanding 72 oversized scrabble tiles for a craft day project) Despite the chaos I'm still feeling the love as I prepare for two big events this week. Here's my latest project for our "New Beginnings: Lovin' It, young women's night- which is tomorrow!
This love sign is HUGE! (4 feet wide and 2 feet tall) This will be used on the front display table. The boards were from our scrap pile- 1x2's- and Mr. Right attached them like so...
I used Mistral font and an overhead projector to get the word love onto the wood. I filled it all in with a paint pen. I'm "Lovin' " how it turned out.
This one will probably go to the shop after the event- but I've made another one with natural wood and white paint for our house- I'll show you just as soon as I get it hung. Let us know what you're working on- leave us a comment! Love, Kelly.


  1. Yikes! Mr. Right really should have a respirator or dustmask. My lungs are burning just looking at that picture!

    Everything else looks wonderful!

  2. Hi Kelly:

    I'm lovin' your love sign and the cookies. Can't wait to see pics of the event.

    As for me, in January I made a ribbon messageboard, a bow holder out of a 50 cent frame, and some hairbows for my best friend's new baby. I'm also making felt brooches and jewelry when I feel like it. :)

    Still haven't done anything with the stars that I won from you and L! Some day soon!