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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How To Create An Aged Barn Wood Look

I wanted to share how we made our Barn wood backdrop that we used at our recent Rustic Chic wedding.
Mr. right built the wall using rough cedar fence pickets- you can also use the redwood, but the cedar was less expensive - about $2.10 per board.
The boards are just over 6 feet tall, so we ran them horizontally. After the wall was built we used a skill saw to cut off the picket shaped ends, which made the wall 6 feet wide.
We then stained the boards in min wax dark walnut. Wipe off excess and allow to dry for an hour or so.
We then painted over the stain with white paint. Let dry and then sand, sand, sand!

Such a simple treatment that makes a big statement. We'll be reusing our backdrop for our local elementary school's bake sale this weekend- another rustic themed event. It would also look amazing as a headboard, an architectural detail in a room or even to be used outside as a backdrop on a front porch. Let me know if you make one of your own. Love, Kelly


  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I love the look of this. So many possibilities!

  2. I am going to pin this so I can copy it later--love it!!!

  3. Great Job. Looks like you just tore down an old barn.

    Im your newest follower, so please come visit me and maybe follow back?? THANKS.

  4. I just made a mini version of this last night to use for my newborn photo shoots. came out amazing. thank you!!!

  5. Hi, how did you get your backdrop to stand up? I want to make something very similar to this for my son's grade school's fall festival. Thanks!

  6. Sparkles365,
    We drove 3 stakes into the ground and then screwed the stakes to the back of the backdrop- good luck.

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