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Monday, February 20, 2012

Trashy Weekend!

What an amazing weekend we had with our 1,000 follower blog winner Sharla and her sister Jana. It began Thursday at 8:00am with a biscuits and gravy breakfast at my house and then off to Goodwill for dollar day.

Here, Sharla and I are scoping out the better quality racks.

Sharla finds a Bebe skirt to list on ebay. Next we head to help decorate an event at my church- something I seem to do a lot of. We promised a weekend in our shoes so we wanted to give our winner a taste of it all. Next Sharla and I went to an estate sale and scored a fabulous lamp and end table. We then had a fantastic lunch at Joe's BBQ in Gilbert. Next, it was a decorating consultation for a clients living room then Laura made us a delicious dinner. Finally it was time to get ready to hit Sharla and Jana's first auction.

Here they show off their first bidder numbers at a local auction in Scottsdale. For first time auctioners- they were not shy- here's a peek at the pile of stuff we won...

Sharla won this beautiful white and blue ware set for next to nothing

as well as this dresser for $45! We were able to list it on craigslist the next day- hope it sells soon.
We left the auction with a truck FULL!!! Didn't get to bed until after midnight, but that didn't stop us from heading out garaging the next morning by 8am.

Another great find for Sharla was this cracker barrel wicker rocker for $1.00! With another truck full of stuff we met Laura for lunch at Tia Rosa's.

After lunch it was back to work! We were able to list the items we found at Goodwill ebay. Here's Sharla's top buy...
A new with tags Max and cleo dress for $1.00- original price $118.00! Can't wait to see how much this one goes for. We were also able to start painting some furniture Sharla brought over to refinish (I'll show the pics at the end of the post) We then raced out the door to the Mesa Auction. The prices were a little steep so we left early and headed out to Red Robin for dinner.

Another late night and then up again by 7:00 for Saturday garaging. Sharla found some amazing frames- mostly $1.00 -wish I had my camera :( We then headed to Qcumberz where Sharla and Jana were expert at helping price and stage some of the items we found over the weekend.

We were able to fit everything in!
This chair was one of my $10.00 finds at auction.
Next, off to lunch- We were running super late and didn't make it in time to Sassy's so we went to our next favorite which is Mattas

Exhausted from the weekend- but one more task to finish- distressing the furniture...
After a quick tutorial Sharla's ready to use the paint sprayer on her own...
We finish up the drawers and then the last step...
Distressing. Sharla's hands are evidence of our hard work- but it's all worth it...

Her pieces are beautiful and I'm sure will sell for $95 each on craigslist. I can't tell you much I enjoyed the weekend. Sharla and Jana were so much fun- we felt like family by the end of our 3 days together. Ironically Sharla lives just 3 miles away- so our goodbye was only temporary. Can't wait to do this again.... when we reach 2,000 followers- so be sure to sign-up! What did you do this weekend? Love, Kelly.


  1. This was such an incredible weekend! Kelly and Laura treated me like their favorite sister! I learned so much from these wonderful ladies. They gave me courage and inspiration to find hidden treasures all around me. But I'm telling you, these ladies are the TRUE TREASURES! Love you guys! Thank you for such an amazing, unforgettable weekend!

  2. what fun!! looks like you had a great time! can you tell me what type of paint sprayer you use? i am thinking of buying one as i think i will like the look better than brush painting on certain pieces--and a time saver since i am planning to do alot! can you give me some sprayer tips or advice on brands, types, etc? THANKS!

  3. I have a better idea, instead of waiting until you reach 2000 followers, why don't you workshops so more of your followers can get tutored and inspired? I live close by too and would love to see in person how you refinish furniture or how auctions work... Please... ;)

  4. So THAT'S what you mean when you say you've spray painted a piece. I kept picturing you buying individual cans of spray paint. I would also love to know what kind of sprayer that is & where you got it. Do you use that for every piece of furniture? Sure looks like it is a lot simpler than brush painting(which is what I've been doing).

  5. Karen,
    I use a kobalt paint sprayer from Lowe's. It's around $50 and does a fantastic job. You do need an air compressor- which is a little more pricey. If a sprayer isn't in the near future I would recommend using a foam roller, rather than a bruch- it really creates a nice smooth finish.