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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sesame Street's One thing is not like the other: Trash vs. Anthropologie?

Remember this song from Sesame Street?  One thing is not like the other.
When I was little, I loved this song.   I loved the game.
Let’s try this game, with a twist of trash.
I’ve always thought easel’s were cool, a piece of art all their own.
Here’s the one from Anthropologie, priced at $2,100.00.
So, when I found this easel for $15.00 I was thrilled.
I’ve sold a couple of easels on craigslist, 

but this one is heaver, sturdier and I wanted it.
I put it in my living room, but am not quite satisfied with how it looks.
After a run-in with a can of black spray paint, this is how it turned out.
I love it.
I found the art work a few months ago at Goodwill.
What a great pair.
Do you think I should spackle some paint on mine, to make it look even more Anthropologie?
Sometimes, the biggest difference between one and the other is price.
Next, we have Sunday dress attire.
What one is not like the other?
Three of these outfits are from Goodwill’s $1.00 day, while the other is from Anthropologie.
Eden looks adorable in her pink chiffon, love the broach necklace.
Reef, looking great in his Ralph Lauren attire.
And what about the counselor.  Love the vintage tie!
If you guessed my outfit is different then the others, then you’re correct.
My outfit is the splurge, found at Anthropologie this weekend.
Yes, I shopped retail and it was so much fun!
I most note a disclaimer, however revealing it is.
Let me compare it to someone about to give a public talk or speech.
Have you ever heard a speaker start his or her talk with this sort of statement?
"I'm going to start my talk, but I hate public speaking and I'm not good at it, but here goes."
And then, the speaker has lost some sort of authenticity and even if it is a great talk, you feel like you've been gipped of something.
And if the talk is good you think "I wish they'd not have said they stunk at this because actually, it was quite entertaining."
We'll, I'm going to do that by saying I hate taking pictures of myself, I'm not good at it, but find if I'm going to blog about trash and things I find at garage sales, thrift stores, then occasionally, there have to be personal photos. 
I've really done it now!
So, one more chance at what one is not like the other.
Everywhere I turn, I meet people who are re-doing furniture.  
I like to sell furniture that's unusual, but with a little imagination can be re-done into something amazing.
Still, the more I research Anthropologie, I find beat-up and worn-out doesn't have to be re-done to be valuable.
Like this Ainsley Chest, priced at $2498.00
Shopping trash means the biggest difference is the price. Thanks for playing the game.


  1. I really don't like pictures of myself either! At least not recent, maybe I'll post pictures of myself from high school on my blog and pretend that's what I look like now?! ha ha Great post! Thanks!

  2. Fun post, Laura! I always enjoy seeing how you use trash. The easel is great.

    And it's funny, do you know how I know that you don't like to be in photos? Because your face is almost always turned away in them. Stand proud, Laura. You are beautiful (and so much more)!