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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trash To Cash Wednesday and A "Comment" Party!

I've been in a "clearing out the house" mode lately. Probably because I do estate sales and see the consequences of collecting too much stuff- a few times a year I start to feel a little claustrophobic about the amount of furniture items I have to resale. So this week I used two different resale venues to make space in my garage. First is trusty old craigslist. I purchased this primitive cupboard as part of an estate in January. It was then taken to the shop and sat for a few months. It then was listed on craigslist for a few months- so it was time for a major price reduction. I reduced the price to $175, then accepted an offer of $130- Seems like a steal for an original 1800's primitive piece- but I was ready to part with it. The other venue I used this week was our local auction. I used to frequent the auction to find unique pieces for our home and thought it would be a good experiment to take a piece to be auctioned off. This primitive trunk was also from the January estate.It also spent time at the shop and I even carted it to a few estate sales. At the time I just wasn't ready to negotiate on the price, but now that the clean house bug has bitten, I really didn't care what I got for it. It sold for $60.00 at auction- which will be a $45.00 profit for me- what a bummer- but I now can see the light at the end of the tunnel in my garage make-over. I took several more pieces to auction this week so I'll let you know how they do. This week on Ebay, it was all about plus sizes. Here's this weeks top sellers...

This Women's Talbots Size 22W Black Dress sold for $9.75. It part of 9 things I purchased at a garage sale for $1.00 each. The pile also include 7 plus size Ralph Lauren Shirts and a plus size Eddie Bauer shirt. So far 5 of the items have sold for a total of $62.74. Not bad for a $9.00 investment.
Women's Ralph Lauren Size 3X Pink Cotton Career Top 12.50
Women's Ralph Lauren Size 3X Black Linen Top 15.50
Women's Ralph Lauren Size 2X White Cotton Career Top 15.99
Women's Lane Bryant Size 18/20 Denim Bolero Jacket 15.50
Women's NWT Lane Bryant Size 18/20 Floral Strapless Top 20.00. And the top seller of the week...
Chico's Zenergy Size 3 (XL) White Knit Crop Pants sold for $25.01. I sold over $400.00 this week on ebay- so I'm hoping we're jumping into the season of BIG resale weeks. Please leave a comment and let us know what you've been selling. Love, Kelly.


  1. I have discovered the amazing world of selling toys! I have made 4 times as much this week as I ever did just selling clothes. I am HOOKED. :)

  2. I haven't posted anything lately, mainly because I've gotten a few emails from ebay about limiting my sales and other confusing changes...big turn off for me.

  3. I had a vtg Snow White sheet listed $29.99 BIN or best offer. A few days before the listing ended I got an off for $14. I had free shipping on this and knew I could make more. I had 6 watchers so I declined the offer. Well the listing ended with no new offers. I relisted it and the second or third day it sold for the full asking price. Sometimes it pays to just wait for the right buyer.

  4. Ebay has been slow. I'm surprised to see that no-name brands sell as well if not better than designer brands. How do you get your items viewed?? Mine usually end with less than 30 views, so I feel like if more people were seeing them that I might get more than a few dollars for each item.

  5. Keri, I'm wondering this too. I usually don't get anywhere near 30 views per item. Actually, I usually get around 10 views or so but usually less.
    Ebay has been very, very slow for me. I'm still waiting for my selling limits to be raised. As soon as I started selling clothes I was limited to listing 10 items a month. It wasn't because of poor stars or poor feedback, I was simply limited because I chose to sell clothes. Frustrating.