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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And She's Off...

It's been a whirlwind around here. One daughter gets married and is now expecting our first grandchild, while our second oldest has left for Germany for 3 weeks then off to college! Here she is at the airport ready to begin her journey. She's always been our adventurer, wanting to go and do since she was little. This will be the first stamp on her passport- one of many that I'm sure she'll earn! Upon her return to the states we'll have less than 24 hours to get her off to her new dorm at Northern Arizona University where she'll study international affairs. I'm sure there will be many scenes like this in our future...
We'll miss her so much but are so proud of her accomplishments and so excited to see how she'll make her mark on the World. Now, enough of the gushy stuff and on to the next matter... We now have an empty bedroom- not an extra bedroom mind you- just an empty one.
Here it is just waiting for a make-over. (We made-over this room 6 years ago for my daughter's 12th birthday- notice the fur headboard Mr. Right and I made and the hot pink furniture?) My 4th in line has been anticipating the day she'll have her own room and the time has come. With number 2 having left on Monday and school starting today- we had to work fast to make the switch as smooth as possible. So, less than 8 hours after the room was vacated, this is a LITTLE sneak peek at what we've done...
I LOVE this color blue- it's called Cullumber by Behr. A super soft blue/gray that almost looks white when wet. We cleared the room, painted the baseboards and walls and hauled in white furniture that I redid a few months back. The colors will be blue, white and silver. We're keeping the fur headboard- so I'll definitely need some colored pillows to offset all the white. We're also looking for a silver chair, a vanity and a few accessories. I'll make sure I post more pics when it gets all done- If you have suggestions- I'd love to hear them. Love, Kelly


  1. Can you post a better picture of the headboard. I was just thinking that I wanted to do that in our master bedroom....only in chocolate brown.

    Also, I am in Flagstaff and would like to say Welcome! to you daughter. I am sure y'all will enjoy having a great reason to go up the hill!!

  2. How exciting for her! I remember when I used to travel (pre kids!)Have fun redecorating - sounds good so far, love the colors!

  3. Congrats on your grandbaby....and your 2nd daughter going off to school. Can't wait to see what you do to the room.

  4. Those are the colors of my bedroom! And there is just something about them that makes it serene and peaceful. I love my room! I also love those silver & glass things on that fab white table. What are they?

    Em @

  5. Hi:

    These are my favorite kind of MDT posts: loving stories of adventure and inspiration coupled with DIY. :)

    Can't wait to see how it turns out.

    And NAU sounds awesome. Flagstaff is so beautiful and the community seems so close knit. Bet she'll have a wonderful time.


  6. I have a suggestion.. Post the rest of the pictures! I love that paint color and can't to see how it all comes together! :)

  7. I love the color. I am currently loving burlap/drop cloth colored curtains and think that would be a great addition with all the white/blue in there. :)