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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trash To Cash Wednesday and A "Comment" Party!

After reading through the comments a few weeks ago, the general consensus seems to be, keep the comment party. I have to admit, it was great to just scroll through all of the comments and read everyone's top sellers- super fast! So please leave a comment with either a link, or description of your best sellers for the week. Here's my top sellers on ebay...
Women's The Limited Size 8 Silky Graphic Dress 10.50
Women's Cabi Size M Black Knit Full Skirt 10.50
Women's Lane Bryant Size 14 Long Denim Skirt 12.50
Women's New With Tags Ann Taylor Size 2 Plaid Career Dress 14.50. I sold over 30 items this week, but very few received more than 1 bid- It's been a little slow this summer, but with back to school approaching- Sales should go sky high these next few months. I still made over $250, but I'm looking forward to those $500 weeks. Don't forget to leave a comment- we love to hear your stories. Love, Kelly.


  1. I found a gorgeous Marc Jacobs silk dress for $5 at Amvets 75% off day. I listed it the same day for $40 buy it now and it sold last night for my full asking price.

  2. Soo glad to hear that Im not the only one feeling the summer slowdown. I was beginning to worry that it was just me! I only made about $250 this week too, bring back the $500 weeks!! =)

  3. I sold a Babblin' Boo doll for $102.50...I paid $6! More on my blog, thanks for asking!

  4. Sold a pair of Hasbeen Swedish sandals for $79.00. Paid $2.50 at the gw.
    Biggest sale/profit so far.

  5. It's super slow on my end too. I had 2 sales that ended tonight. Men's Tommy Bahama pants for $9.99 and a cute xhilaration red & white gingham dress for $8.99. I'm ready for the "back to school" shopping to kick in!

  6. Bought a Michael Kors dress for $1.00 - sold for $19.00. I just opened a store after 8 months of selling and this is my worst week since. We're talking I'm hearing crickets slow. I'm wondering if I've made a mistake!!??

  7. Its been pretty slow for me as well. Biggest seller for me this week was a Snow Village stadium I got for free and sold for $35.00. Just found a ton of Chico's Travelers stuff so hoping next week will be great.