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Monday, August 22, 2011

This Weeks Garage Finds!

It was a little slow this weekend while garaging, but I still found a few treasures, take a look...I love this ornate mirror, just look at that fancy carving???
This frame is actually plastic! I love the look of it and I loved the $5.00 price tag- This may make it into my little girls room make-over. I also found me some more game pieces...
Can anyone ever have enough scrabble pieces and dominos? These will go to the shop because yes, you really can have enough scrabble pieces and dominos- just ask my family. Also, come back Friday for another partial reveal of the tweens bedroom make-over. I paid a little visit to our local auction and found just the right accessories, at just the right price. Let us know what you found this weekend. Love, Kelly.


  1. Hi, just curious, how much do you sell your scrabble tiles for? Do you sell them in bags or what? I have a load of them (after looking for them to do a FHE chrt like you did) I was thinking of posting them on ebay.

  2. perfect example for TRASH TO TREASURE.