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Friday, August 5, 2011

eBay Nostalgia

I was browsing through Apron Thrift Girl’s linky party 
and came across some amazing blogs, particularly Savvy Saver Secrets
(image found here)
Janessa has some great sales on eBay and great ideas on how to make money off trash.  Her best sale?  She came across some boots while out garaging.
  She knew they were valuable and picked them up for $35.00.  Would I have spent $35.00 for them?  Sometimes it’s hard to put out the money knowing you have to make it back, but make it back she did.  Not only did she start her Miss Capezio turquoise butterfly inlay vintage cowboy boots at .99 cents, not only were they the most watched item on eBay that week, but they sold for $785.00.  Now that’s a success story.
And it made me nostalgic, for those beautiful days of eBay, where I could talk the talk, shop the shop, then post a great find, watch it build for a week, have enormous success, and share it with you on My Dear Trash.
And I think its time to start the fight to get reinstated on eBay.
If they’ll listen to me.
If they care?
That I got kicked off eBay because of a pair of ankle jeans.
I'm going to send them my experience, typed and double-spaced, all 5 pages, because they're dealing with a want-to-be writer, so they're going to hear the truth all in a well-written narrative with a sassy main character, ME!
I miss eBay!  eBay, please listen to my story and let me come back home.
If you want to hear how I got kicked off eBay, click here, here and here.  Be sure to have some tissues close by.  For those of us who love to sell trash, this is a real tear jerker.


  1. I hope they listen to you, I still hate that you are banned. What site was it that sold the Capezios's? Your link is not working. I bought a pair of Paul Bond boots here in Phoenix for $20.00 and sold them for $275.00. Girl you're in cowboy boot heaven, keep your eyes out!

  2. You should tell Ebay that you've inspired many others to start selling trash! I'd sign a petition. Also, I finished my first week a little disappointed, but with a $9 profit over all.

  3. Thanks for sharing my story!!! :) I'm so sorry about your eBay experience... actually scares the crap out of me. Maybe you can get serious about consignment sales?! Do you have any in your town? Thanks again! Love your blog!

  4. I had a weird thing with Paypal (who is owned by Ebay) and they refused to fix it. Several people told me to report Paypal to the Better Business Bureau, and a few days later, Paypal reinstated the money to my account that they wrongfully withdrew.

    Basically, the send your letter to the BBB as well so you can get better results/faster turnaround time.