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Friday, February 25, 2011

Why I hate garbage and my recent top sells

In my 38 years of life, I’ve never had stitches.  On Tuesday, that all changed.

Usually, the counselor takes out the garbage, but it was one of those days when the garbage couldn’t wait.  I lifted the garbage bag out of the can and carried it to the front patio, where I sat it down.  I helped Reef get his big wheel out of the garage, threw the ball to the dog a couple of times and then resumed carrying the garbage to the black dumpster when something rubbed against my leg.  It felt like a scratch and I kept walking when sheering pain shot through my calf.  I looked down, surprised to see the inside of my leg (and an enormous amount of blood) staring back at me.  I immediately dropped to the ground and held together the cut, trying my best to stop the bleeding. 

Payson was thrilled when I yelled “Call 911!”  Finally, his big chance!

Within minutes I had a yard full of family, curious neighbors and a fleet of firemen all wanting to help.  A very nice fireman was able to wrap my leg so I could stand up without bleeding to death.  My mom offered to drive me to Urgent Care.  Before I left, I asked my kids to say a prayer for me.  On the car ride to Urgent Care, I broke down crying, not because of my leg but because I missed my kids so much. 

Within a few minutes, I was seen by a doctor who cleaned out my wound and made sure I hadn’t ruptured any major arteries or cut through anything dangerous.  She gave me about a dozen numbing shots before starting on the stitches.  Then, I received a tetanus shot.
All because of garbage.

You notice this blog is not called My Dear Garbage, thank goodness.  I’d be in serious trouble because 11 stitches later, I hate garbage.

But, I love trash.

I thought I’d show you some of my latest hot Hot HOT sellers. 
This Banana Republic Size 4 Long Black Leather Skirt sold for $19.50.
A Jones New York Shirt 2X Hawaiian Shirt sold for $22.45.
This Newport News Orange Full Dress sold for $28.55.
Hollister Low Rise Size 7 Long Tan Pants sold for $50.00.
Mickey Mouse Hawaiian Large Dress sold for $16.02.  
A beautiful Anthropologie Fei Green Corduroy Maritime Skirt sold for $24.99.
And finally, the Christian Michele Size 0 Red Bella Formal Prom Dress I've been trying to sell for my friend sold for $100.00.  
Remember my friends, garbage is bad, it is very, very bad, but trash is good, great, even dear.
So, what cut me?
I guess someone had thrown away a broken glass cup.  It sliced through my leg like butter.  
Boo, garbage!
The profits I've made on eBay will help pay for my Doctor's bill.
Hooray, trash!


  1. Oh my gosh, the same thing happened to me years ago, and believe me, the memory has stuck with me and now I'm very careful with what I throw in the kitchen garbage can. If there is anything sharp, I just go directly to the big trash bin and throw it in there, out of harms way. Take good care of those stitches and happy to know you'll be okay. :)

  2. Oh ouch!! We took my son in for his first stitches this week - the worst part was the 5 shots in his ear to get the area numb! I'm so sorry - garbage stinks!!!

  3. Same thing happened to me! Glad you are ok. And I am sorry but that is funny about your son being excited to call 911. My kids would be thrilled as well. :) Congrats on the great ebay week!

  4. Glad you are okay!
    I have only had stitches once in my life. I was climbing a apple tree that had just been pruined. Slipped and fell on the way down a fresh cut branch cut the inside of my arm opposite of elbow bend. *Uhhggg* I only had 5 stitches.. but still have the mark. Now you have a story to tell everyone for the rest of your life. ;)

  5. Oh no, Laura! The cut looks painful but well-stitched up! Hope that you feel better soon.

    And congrats on your fantastic sales, these seem to be really high prices for ebay.

    Let us know how Qcumberz is going?

  6. Oh yikes, that is bad bad garbage! Your stitches look pretty sweet, though, I have to say. Tough chick mama, that's what you are now!

    That sounds like a great haul this week. I can't believe how much some people will pay for clothes on eBay - I never would have guessed!

  7. Hope you feel better and even more I hope it doesn't start itching as it heals! Take care.

  8. Yikes! Boo garbage. Put your feet up and feel better!

  9. Thank you for the well wishes. I do feel tough with my stitches. Hear me roar!