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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hoarder House In Our Neck of the Woods

Kelly and I recently were invited to rummage through a hoarder house; garbage, dirt and all.
We were like little kids at a candy shop.  We couldn't wait to see what we could get our grubby little hands on.
Luckily, the trash we looked through had been carried out into the front yard.  There were boxes and boxes of books, papers and documents.  The boxes were falling apart and we were on the lookout for scorpions and black widows, but we wanted to dig through everything.  In the back yard, was a large shed and we asked if we could take a look inside.  We walked over bags of moldy clothes, broken furniture and rusty car parts to get into the shed.  
It was so cool.
I found some ornate wood frames, I just had to make sure I wasn't in the way of the broken glass.  Once they are cleaned off, they look great.
Buried under old towels and sheets was this. 
I think it’s an old turn table.  After tightening the bolts, I realized I had a sturdy piece of furniture, minus the top.  
I’m open to any suggestions on how to create this into something special.
Broken glass, shedding rolled carpet, toppling boxes, but I found this old drafting table.  
It's dusty, but a little elbow grease will bring it back to life.
We pile everything in the truck and take it back to my house.  You know, a little elbow grease worked its magic with this piece of trash.
A wicker desk with steel/faux leather covered legs.  I don’t think the glass top originally went with it, but it’s working some magic for me.
I have these old books and a handkerchief at home and place them on the wicker tray.  Then, I put the glass back on top.
Once it’s cleaned up, I really like it.
Of course, a bird only makes it look better.
And what do the kids do while Kelly and I are playing, um, I mean working?  
They play too.
This little nature girl loves playing outside in the sand.  
Not a fuss from her, that is until I take her inside to wash the sand off her face.

I'm not looking to tour a hoarder house anytime soon, but it was an interesting experience.  The show Hoarders on A&E depicts this type of dysfunction and gives me the creeps.  It just goes to show that even gross trash can be great entertainment.  


  1. Is this the house by Hale? The one that has had all the crap in the yard for, like, a month? I have wondered what the blue blazes is going on with that house ever since I moved here...

  2. Looks like you found some great pieces. I love the frames. I hope there weren't any rats (did you see that episode?!) and that everything wasn't covered in animal poo. The show grosses me out, but I'm obsessed. It's like Christmas everytime I find a new episode on my DVR.

    I'm a new-ish follower and fellow Mesa neighbor. I love bargain hunting so I love seeing all the treasures you find!

  3. I watch A&E's Hoarders. Some of those episodes leave me speechless. I just can't imagine!

    Mary Ellen

  4. I posted about a hoarders house I was invited to pick through back in December. I was very interesting, super sad and scary too. I was scared of rats, my friend thought I was scared of Ghosts.

    I wore by Doc Marten boots as the floors was ankle deep in stuff.

    I really regret not picking up more stuff, such as broken watches and clock parts to make jewellery with. I was just overwhelmed with all the interesting and vintage stuff.

    I drove past last week and the house has now been razed.