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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tween Room Part 4

Yesterday, I was reminded by a faithful blog follower that I haven't finished showing my tween's new room.(Thanks Allyson) I just have 3 more projects to showcase and then I'll dig out the wide angle lens and show you the whole room. If you missed the before pics and previous projects go here. In the before pics you'll notice how many thumb tacks were being used to hang posters, notes, pictures, etc. So, I decided to create a wall for my tween's "stuff". Here's the finished look... I picked up this round frame at a yard sale for $5- it used to have a mirror in it. The really great part was the fact that it also had a piece of sheet metal for support. All I had to do was cover the metal with antique sheet music and it became a great magnetic board.
This frame housed a cute little 1980's style picture and was just $2 at a yard sale. I discovered new cork board can be a little expensive so I picked up a large corkboard at a garage sale for $1 and cut it to fit my frame.
The last frame was $1 at a garage sale and I cut a piece of luan to fit and treated it with chalkboard paint.
I can't tell you how much use this area of the room gets! It helps my tween stay organized and keeps the room from looking too cluttered. Stay tuned for the dresser redo- I'll post on Monday. Love, Kelly.


  1. THANK YOU! And I love all three ideas. Can't WAIT to see it all together.

  2. Lucky girl.
    And I linked up to your blog tonight--one of my Qcumbers finds.
    Thanks for the tip.