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Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to get a over-priced somewhat tacky bird room divider for free?

It’s probably pretty obvious that my new favorite love is birds (more like obsession, just check out this post to clarify), so when I found this bird room divider I had to have it.

But it was marked at $100.00.
Seriously, $100.00 at a thrift store.
I know!  Ridiculous, but I still had to have it.
And with 1/2-off day coming up, if it was still there I could get it for $50.00.
You know what time it is?
It’s time to think out of the box.
So, what do I do?
I purchase these 2 Old Navy Maternity Jeans at a yard sale for .25 cents each and they sell for $20.50 on eBay.
I also purchase this $.25 cent Audrey Hepburn shirt and sell it for $6.99.
I’m halfway there.
How can I earn another $25.00 and fast?
I find a bunch of dolls at a garage sale and offer the homeowner $10.00 for the lot of them.  
I know nothing about dolls and have never collected them, but for $10.00, it’s worth a try to resell them.
These two sell for $15.00 each over the weekend at the estate sale.
Their so life-like, it was a bit freaky pricing and staging them, you know with the whole Chuckie thing.  Why do horror movies have to ruin a perfectly good moment with freakishly life-like dolls?  Gesh!  Even my kids said "Mom, get them out of the house." 
Anyway, I digress. 
After I take away my initial $10.00 investment, I’ve earned another $15.00.
I’ve almost earned the $50.00 I need for my must-have room divider.  For the love of birds, I must have it.
This Rampage cocktail dress is a $1.00 investment at a garage sale.  
I know it will bring in at least $10.00 on eBay (if not more), but when I get home I find several holes in it.  I'm down a $1.00 and throw the dress out, but I don't get easily discouraged.  I'm going to keep going.
These darling Nemo Converse shoes sell for $4.99 on eBay.  
It's not much of a profit, but still I'm a few dollars closer to my goal.
To make this experiment a bit more complicated, little sister started crawling.  
She's all over the place and so am I keeping up with her, but I'm focused on earning the money for my over-priced somewhat tacky bird room divider.
A Mickey Mouse biking jacket sells for $9.99.
I'm about ready to purchase my over-priced somewhat tacky bird room divider when something gets in the way of my purchase.
This is what happens when you shop trash frequently.
I find this large steel vintage owl mirror that apparently used to sit on top of a scale.  You can barely see, but at the bottom of the owl is printed "Insert coin here."
Don't you love him?
Once I hang him on the wall, Reef wants to pet him.
So many birds with so little time, but I have to stay focused on my bird room divider.  In no time I sell this $1.00 Cynthia Skirt for $8.99 on eBay.
With one more sell of trash, I can have both tacky bird home decor for free.
Remember my bamboo room divider I found to re-sell on Craig's list.
It sells!  One funky room divider deserves another, so with the money I make I run to the thrift store to purchase my treasure.
It's all in a days work of selling trash and with the money I've earned it's like my vintage owl mirror and over-priced somewhat tacky bird room divider was free.
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  1. I love that owl.. its amazing!
    Little Sister is starting to crawl.. uh oh now your going to get even busier *lol*

    I like that bird divider and the whole story that went along with it.

  2. I was out of breath when I finished the story! You do know how to buy and sell, no doubt about that!!!!! So glad you got the divider.

  3. i'm with your children about getting the dolls out of the house.

  4. Wow, you are an inspiration! I've sold some on eBay before but have been slack about it lately. I've been mostly selling bigger items on Craigslist but now you've motivated me to get some of my smaller things on eBay. thanks! :-)

  5. I love the Owl too. I am curious about your ebay store. I have never really sold anything on it. Do you only sell clothes or do you sell other things. I would love some feedback on this. Thank you

  6. You are amazing. I can't believe you sell so much. Love it and I don't think your bird divider is tacky. Hugs, Marty

  7. How awesome is this ! You always amaze me ! You had some beautiful things ! Love the bird divider ! Oh so cool !
    Love ya !

  8. I love decorating with birds too, but I'm terrified of real ones...

    BTW, I love, love, love your blog!

  9. I"m amazed at how much your items sells for on ebay. I had my first listing last week and totally expected to make more than I did. I have a few items posted this week and only 1 bid so far for .99cents. Maybe it just takes time.

  10. Awesome blog! You put me to shame the way you buy and flip volume. Check out my similar garage sale-thrift shop adventures.

  11. Wow! You are amazing! Loved reading about how you made the money to buy your bargain!

  12. I am so impressed with your selling talent! Great items you sold and even better items bought. Oh and I love your tacky bird room divider!! Thanks for joining JFF this week! You rock!

  13. What fun to read how you progressed to get the money for it. You are good.

  14. Wow, I'm impressed!

    I'd just cough up the $100 and then sigh and load it in my are amazing!

  15. Don't tell me you actually threw that red dress away! Just think of what you could have done with that fabric!!

  16. Love this story! You sound like me with your thrifting and reselling at a profit. What a fun way to 'earn' your treasure. Thanks for linking up to Fridays Unfolded....I hope you'll be back next week! I'm now following.


    Stuff and Nonsense

  17. That was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too! Congratulations!

  18. I love your determination. You are a woman after my own heart.

    Do you set up estate sales? There was a part in here that made me wonder about that?

    I'd love to see a picture of your bird screen in it's place of glory.

    Thanks for a fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "R".

    I'm always excited to see what adventures you've been on!


  19. I love eBay soooo much! You can find and sell anything there *L*

  20. I see how old this story is, the stranger part is how I came across it. Your Bird room divider is from JC Penneys originally. I have been looking for it, because they sold out. I am an avid bird lover too, so please if you find another one, or decide to resell yours, let me know! Blessings!