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Friday, February 11, 2011

Tween Room Chandelier

Before my daughter's room redo she had 6 Paper lantern lights from Ikea over her bed.
Although everyone seemed to love them, occasionally the cord would slip down from the attic and my daughter would wake up with a big white paper ball in her face- not to mention how often we had to replace the light bulbs. So, we decided it was time to move to something a little simpler. After the holes were patched and the walls painted we thought a chandelier would be the perfect lighting solution. Lucky for me all I had to do was go out to the garage and open my decorator cupboards (junk and stuff I buy at garage sales and don't know what to do with) There was the perfect, small scale, chandelier- I happened to pick up 3 of these- one large and 2 small- at a garage sale (new in box) for $20. I also happened to have the ceiling medallion (new in box) that I picked up for $1. With a little spray paint and Mr. Right's installation skills we saw the light. Only problem? The ugly cord hanging down from the ceiling. I knew I could make a cord cover by going to the fabric store and picking up a little black fabric-but that would mean getting dressed and actually going somewhere! Soooo, I went to our donate bag of clothes my kids had outgrown and there it was- The black pants my daughter had needed for band that were now too small. The really great part is that the fabric has subtle vertical lines (black on black) which would coordinate with another project in the room (another teaser so you'll come back and see more) So I stitched up a little cord cover (remember that I don't sew- but this was easy) and here's the final product...

Lots of sparkle for this more sophisticated Tween's Room. To see all the before pics go here. Keep checking back, I swear I'm going to get this room done! Love, Kelly