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Monday, February 28, 2011

Tween Room: Dresser Redo

You may remember this before picture of my tween's room. Notice the purple vanity hidden under all her treasures? We actually painted it that color when we decorated the room for my older daughter, 5 years ago- I know, what were we thinking? Needless to say, one of the first items on the tween redo room list was the vanity. Here's the after...
I love black furniture. However, the vanity wasn't doing much in the way of storage. We temporarily have 2 tweens living in this room- one will move to her own room when my 18 year old goes off to college. In the meantime, we need storage. So, the vanity went on craigslist and sold the same day for $150 and I started working on a dresser. The funny story about the dresser is that I was out garaging and found the perfect one. You know the one... French style, cream color with gold paint trim. I think 90% of kids had this set when growing up. They not only had the highboy dresser, they had the nightstand, low dresser, desk and hutch. I wasn't interested in the desk or hutch, but had to have the rest of the set. They were asking $40, $40 and $20 for the pieces I wanted. Only problem was I didn't have any cash on me- I know- who garages with no cash? (In my defense I was heading to the bank when I followed the yard sale sign) and I wanted to negotiate a little on the price (again, who negotiates when they have no cash?) So, I decide if it was meant to be, it would be there when I returned from the bank. Guess what? It was there- but all three pieces I wanted had a big SOLD sign on them!!!! Not the desk, not the hutch- just the pieces I wanted. It was like someone was trying to tease me. I went home with that empty, defeated feeling, when I received a call from Laura. "I bought you something today" before she could finish her sentence I interrupted- "it's not the french dresser set is it?" Not only had my sweet friend Laura thought of me when she saw the set, but she negotiated for me as well- $80 for all three pieces. I don't know if friends can be psychic (kinda like twins), but Laura and I have lots of these types of experiences- Love that girl! So, here's the before pic of the highboy (sorry I had taken her all apart before I remembered to take a photo)
And here's the after...

I love how it turned out (minus the yucky flash on my camera- making it look a little light) It has given my tweens the storage they need and looks great in the new room. We've got just one more project to show and then I'll post pics of the whole room. Let me know what you think. Love, Kelly.


  1. Kelly:

    I LOVE IT! This gives me so many good ideas. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    And your friendship with Laura is so fun. I love hearing about it.

    Can't wait to see the complete room reveal!!!

  2. I just love that Laura is the one that bought it! That is funny. Nice thing to read in the morning. ;)

    I found some great stuff this weekend but I need to sell it. I love the finding. The listing part is tedious to me. Need to figure out how to make that fun. Any ideas ?
    ~ Christie

  3. I love how you buy and sell things as you need or don't need them.

    This is so inspiring to me.

  4. Hilarious. Can't believe Laura happened in on that. Another Qcumberz link for you today.

  5. very very very cute. love it black!

  6. Love it! It looks fabulous! Thank goodness you and Laura share that brain.