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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little Sister plays dress-up with Goodwill

Little Miss Independent.
She’s everywhere, except in my arms.
She wants to be outside.
She wants to explore.
Here we are at my sister-in-law’s surprise 1980’s-themed 30th birthday party.
Little sister finds a pair of shoes on the floor.
And what does she do?
She tries them on, of course.
My goodness, they do start young, don’t they.
That's when I notice the Goodwill tag.  Of course!
It’s no surprise, most of those at the surprise birthday party purchased their 80’s-themed clothes at Goodwill.
Right down to the white-heeled plastic shoes.

Thank heavens for Goodwill when it’s time to dress-up for themed parties.  
I'd imagine Little Sister's going to have a mighty fine dress-up closet full of princess dresses, feathered boa's and fancy high-heeled shoes all from Goodwill.

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