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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Descriptive Writing Pays Off

Good writing is like slicing into a piece of chocolate cake; it's rich, appealing and once you take that first bite, you can't walk away until you're finished. 
A good description brings words alive and appeals to the senses of the reader.
Let me share some examples.  
Eden with a tall man.
Factual, but let's try it again.
24 inch Eden with 6 foot 11 inches Channing Frye, power forward of the Phoenix Suns. 
Now that's better.  You get a feel of just how adorable these two were together.
See, how a little description can go a long way.
Here's another.
I have a new quilt on my bed.
I purchased a King Size Pottery Barn Island quilt and 3 pillow shams off Craig's List for $75.00.  New, a quilt like this sales for $249.00 and the pillow shams are $36.00 a piece.
Isn't it nice to get a little bit more information (and isn't the quilt amazing).  
As someone who enjoys the act of writing, I thought I'd put a little EBay spin on this. 
So, this dress.  Cute, isn't it.
I could list it as  Lela Rose Size 4 Black Dress or I could list it as
This type of description helps the potential buyer to find my listing.
Maybe they want a silk dress or a dress with lace.  Maybe they've never heard of the designer Lela Rose?  Either way, they'll find this dress by typing key words into the EBay search engine.  Plus, you get a hint of romance to the dress just buy reading the title.  Now, there's an emotional connection. 
This dress cost me $1.00 and sold for $31.00.
Let's try another one. What about this?
I could list this as a Blue Fish Size 0 Dress
  Using the word organic might bring a new flood of bidders to this dress who aren't aware of the Blue Fish label.  Those of you who've been waiting for for the Blue Fish dress update, here it is.
I paid $5.00 and it sold for $49.99.  Super profit, wouldn't you say.
One thing EBay will not let you do, is use the word "like."
For example, let's say I want to sell a dress that isn't Blue Fish, but has a Blue Fish feel to it.  
I cannot list it as "Blue Fish Like Dress", although Craig's List does allow the word like.  I don't like it when I'm browsing Craig's list specifically for Pottery Barn and I have to read through 300 "Pottery Barn like".
Moving on.
When I found this Levi Size 24 Jean Skirt for $2.50, I know it would be a great buy.
I listed it as 
It sold for $42.00.  Notice how I used the words denim and jean.
Who knows what word people use when looking for a jean/denim skirt?  So if there's enough space (Ebay gives 55 characters when filling in your title description), I list my clothing with both words. 
I can't help myself, but I combine my love of writing and my passion for EBay into one.  That way both needs are satisfied.  Wow!  I guess you can say I'm a paid writer!
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  1. Oh my!! your post has helped me at the right time when I was just wonderin how to do this. I am actually not looking for great profits but i want to sellf of my stuff so that i can get the money back that i spent on. Other man's trash is other man's treasure... something like this. What a great post!!

    <3 ya for this!!

  2. You're right - better description will = better sales. I love the chocolate cake analogy! :-)

  3. You definitely have that talent! I enjoy your way with words along with your kind, sweet and fun personality!! YOU are the reason I read this blog! Keep it up!!

  4. Holy macaroni that picture of the cake is the most enticing thing I've seen in weeks! :)

    Cute baby :)

  5. Great information and so helpful. I seem to write in shorthand, when I shoud write the way I talk. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  6. Those are some amazing profits. Thanks for the advice. I'm hoping to give ebay a try soon and see how I do.

  7. its all in the title. wording on ebay will either make or break your sale. the more key words, the more hits you will get. learned it the hard way and now sit and type out loud until i get it right, cause i refuse to pay for the subtitle unless it is a vehicle listing.

  8. I did Ebay a few yrs. ago & listed my items, saying that they were "Boutique, Whimsical..."
    I sold everything almost before I finished listing, someone else listing the same type of thing simply titled them as "homemade" didn't sell a one... : )

  9. Great tips! I've been selling on Ebay for years and every descriptive word helps!

  10. Okay, I dropped by for the great blogging experiment but have to confess - you had me at THAT chocolate cake! Nice.

  11. You had me at chocolate cake, and I had come over for the great blogging experience... don't worry, I don't think any differently of you... analogies can be just as delicious :)

  12. The cake looks so good!
    I would love to have a slice!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Great points! I love that eBay has quite a few characters for the title. And I do hope I'm getting better at using them. Your examples are wonderful!