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Monday, September 20, 2010

Do I want to make money or what?

Somethings going on that's affecting my profits.
It's me.
Normally I buy a piece of trash, like this $15.00 chair.
The protocol is to bring it home, post it on Craig's List for a higher price and pocket the earnings, but I didn't do that with this chair because I like it too much.  
Nor this lovely piece.
I bought it for $75.00.  Isn't it amazing.  
I had it all ready to go on Craig's list.  The photos, measurements, descriptive title.
Problem is, I want it.
When I first saw these new Dr. Marten shoes at a garage sale, I knew I had to had them as a re-sale item for EBay.
"Would you take $5.00 a pair," I asked the home owner.
"No, you can just give me $5.00 for both of them," she said, like I was doing her some sort of favor by just taking them off her property.
New Doc Martins!  

These go for like $140 a pair.
This is amazing when I notice they are a size 12.
That's the counselors size.
Later, the counselor shows me just what horrible condition his black and brown shoes are in.
I had no idea his shoes were this bad.  I'm always looking up into his beautiful ocean eyes, not down at his big feet.
"Guess what?" I say to the man I love and adore. "I bought these amazing Dr. Marten shoes for $5.00 and they are just for you."
He tries them on and they're a perfect fit.
Hello stylish husband,good-bye profits.
Then, I find this room divider for $5.00 at a garage sale (the same one with the Dr. Martens). 
If you read this blog regularly, you know about room dividers.
People love them.  
People want them.  
This could easily sale for $45.00 on Craig's List.
It's heavy, sturdy and quite artsy.
I didn't buy it to keep.
Not this.  
No way.
I bought it to flip, you know, pocket an easy $40 bucks.
But, then Chandler sees it, loves it and says 
"Mom, let's use it to decorate for Halloween."
You know, that's not a bad idea.
Especially with this darling saddle box I found for $5.00 this weekend.
Next to this $2.00 old large steel tool carrier.
I pull out my pumpkins from garage sales past.  
And other used Halloween trash.
So what about this piece, the couch that is?
I actually didn't buy this to re-sale.
For $10.00 I had to have this retro, gold rocking love seat.
It has a smell I can't quite place.  Payson says it smells like a hotel.  Either way, it's outside ventilating; breathing and working it's bold color. 
I run down to Goodwill and found these pillows for $4.99.
But before I leave the store, this Mexican style bowl with clay pottery harvest vegetables catches my eye.  Perfect for my fall-themed front porch.  Another $12.50.
What a deal.
I love how it looks, even though I have no Craig List profits to report.
Have I lost my touch or am I just finding it?
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  1. Well, you are drawn to what you like : )
    ++ if you figure that you saved $255 on hubby's shoes, you actually did make a profit..
    Does that make sense??? Does to me..
    (Least that's what I keep telling myself : )

  2. Oh.. I went back & re-read... $140 a pair, makes $280 - 5 = $275... you could well afford the other things you got : )

  3. I was having the same problem last night. I bought a cute Lane Bryant skirt at Salvation Army this weekend for $2.50. I was with the family so I always try to hurry through before they start nagging to go. I knew it looked nice so i got it. I brought it home and it sat on my counter til last night. I took it out and realized I should start wearing skirts. As I tried it on I found that it still had the $44.99 price tag. I finished putting it on and thought "did I put this skirt on over shorts?" Nope, I didn't. It was a skort. I love it. I know I could sell it though. Isn't that pathetic. I think I'm going to keep it.

  4. Well, if it were me, I'd be figuring that I could absolutely sell a few of the things after I'd used them for Halloween, etc. But those Doc Martins are just one of the benefits of being a thrifty gal! Just think - if you hadn't found them, you'd still have to replace the shoes. So win! You're just a smart shopper, not only for others but for yourself! ;)

  5. Very cute ~ I'm glad you kept it all :)

  6. Love your porch!! Really love your blog too, I read it every day. :)

  7. I'd say it again: You're lucky!! I am screaming!!


  8. I have the same problem. I bought an Ergo baby carrier for $11 this weekend. I could easily resell it for $60. But I want it. I just tell myself that I will use it first and then resell it when I'm done. But I'm open to new and creative justifications if anyone has any. :)

  9. So cute--I love the porch and since I live down the street, I can enjoy it too!!
    Love, Mom Sarah

  10. You must have just put those decorations up because I don't remember them from the other day! LOVE it!! Love you too!!

  11. I would have kept the chair as well. It looks awesome.

  12. That is the advantage of being a thrify shopper! I love that cabinet, I don't think I could sell it either! Your porch looks adorable! What a smart boy Chandler is!!!

  13. That screen looks awesome I don't blame you for keeping it...sell it afterwards!

  14. You're a very thrifty and nifty decorator! Love the blog! Am now a follower. (Hopped over from Alphabe-Thursday!

  15. I enjoyed reading your post and figure you are going to need to buy a new home for all your Craig's list and E-by items. Joni

  16. I wouldn't be able to sell any of those great items either. How much do you want for the gold loveseat rocker? : )

  17. Those are awesome. I just don't have an eye for good stuff. Although most of our furniture is yard sale stuff. I envy you!!

  18. I am never good at finding great deals like this. It looks amazing. I popped over for Alphabet Day and became a follower. Great ideas and SO cute.

  19. Your post had me laughing! I know just what you mean about deciding to keep things, but your fall vignette sure looks great!

  20. Wow, what a fun post!

    I love your bargains. The Doc Martens find is truly amazing. Brand new! I can just see you doing the 'fist pump' in my mind and thinking 'SCORE!'

    It seems like it would have been silly to part with those treasures...especially because you liked them so much!


    You can always sell them later!

    What a great link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    Thank you.