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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trash to Cash Wednesday

Let's take a look at what sold this week. I picked up this pampered chef stoneware breadpan for $2 at a garage sale last weekend.
It sold after just one day for $10 on craigslist. That's it for craigslist, thankfully I also have ebay. Here's my top sellers.
Women's Venezia size 18/20 black denim jacket sold for $9.99Miss Me size M Denim jacket sold for $9.99
LLiz Claiborne is a brand I usually stay away from because it seems to really be hit and miss on ebay (mostly miss) but I couldn't resist this Liz Claiborne black wrap dress. It sold for $11.50.
I'm a huge fan of anything Ann Taylor. When I found this Ann Taylor size 8 burgundy party dress I was so excited. It sold for $14.99.Laura loves hot cotton and I'm starting to love how well it sells. This Hot Cotton size L Tan Linen Top sold for $11.48J.Crew is another of my favorites. This J.Crew size M tan linen jacket could use a good ironing, but that didn't stop bidders from bidding. It sold for $10.50
You've read about Eileen Fisher from Laura and it never seems to disappoint. This Eileen Fisher Petites size L Italian yarn purple sweater (although not beautiful to me) sold for $13.01
This Banana Republic size 6 black cotton dress has belt loops, but no belt. I hesitated to buy it for $1.00 because I don't like selling items that have anything wrong with them. Thankfully I did and it sold for $18.00.

I was iffy about purchasing this Ralph Lauren size 2 Petite Brown Tweed jacket. Why? Because it's a petite and I don't usually have much success with Petites- However, When I read the materials label and found out it was Silk I snatched it up. It sold for $20.50

Overall a steady week. Fees were a little high because I listed a bunch of items (105), but here's the breakdown...

Ebay Profits: 476.20

Craigslist Profits: $10.00

Costs: 98.00 (clothes), 84.09(ebay fees), 44.83 (paypal fees) 2.00 (cost of craigslist items)

Total Profit: 257.28

Everything I earn is now going toward a new computer! For a mere $2500.00 I can have the most up to date Macintosh computer that will help me make even more money on ebay and craigslist. It's been 2 weeks and only $1824.78 more to go! Love, Kelly


  1. Wow. I never look at the clothes at yard sales. That trend stops TODAY! Even the ebay prices are amazing. I'm missing out. I might just have to remedy that.

    Thanks for sharing, that rebel, Olivia

  2. Thanks for all your brand tips! I've sold over 100 items in the last 30 days and have almost hit $1000 in sales for the month! Yipee!!! :) Keep up the inspiration!

  3. What an amazing accomplishment. That is fabulous. I lost my nursing job of 21 years eighteen months ago in massive budget cuts in San Francisco - and retired, with an income drop of $90,000 annually. I would never have thought of this as a way to make money.

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