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Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Love from Mr. Isaak

I really appreciate all the birthday wishes.  Thank you.  I feel so loved and had a great birthday.  
It started on my birthday eve when the counselor took me to see Chris Isaak, one of my favorite musicians.  
I have all his CD’s; most of them picked up at various garage sales.  Kelly’s daughters were here to babysit 
(thank you for that).  I had a whole 3 minutes to get ready and the counselor and I were off to the celebrity theater – no flash photography please (boo, because you know I’d have a photo spread of Mr. Isaak all over my blog).  
The demographic of the audience was interesting; somewhere between the over-dressed middle-aged professional to the 40-year olds who still wanted to act like they were 18.  An infomercial could’ve been made for plastic surgery and Rogaine combined.  
It was like a singles scene for the recently divorced.  I love to people watch and by the middle of the concert we were all just there to dance and have fun; especially the desperate housewive celebrating her birthday.

On my birthday, I ate for free at three different restaurants owned by Joe Johnston including: Joe’s Barbeque, Liberty Market and Joe's Farm Grill. 
Image found here.
The counselor and I took all 5 kids to all these restaurants; a major accomplishment all on its own.  Taking care, feeding and making sure all the kids were safe was the only time I really felt my age.  Man, I'm getting old.
Earlier in the day, my sister Anna not only did my hair, but cleaned my kitchen.  Payson and Mayer collected sea shells by the irrigation valve and presented them to me in a lovely Ziploc birthday bag, while Chandler hugged me continuously throughout the day. 
The local high school celebrated Homecoming.  Just up the street from my home, on my birthday, was a full-on marching band parading down the street and through the neighborhood to the football field.  My mom always told me she'd get me a marching band for my birthday.  It really happened.  Later that night, whenever the football team scored a touchdown, fireworks lite up the sky.  A parade and fireworks.  Who can compete with that?
The day was so wonderful.   The only photo I had time to take was later that night.  The kids were asleep, the counselor finished up his night-time routine and I just home from the grocery store, decided to clean out the refrigerator. 
Isn’t that just how it goes?  I was queen for the day, but didn’t loose my priorities in the mean time. 
I blasted my Chris Isaak CD and kept on dancing until every thing I cleaned out was back in its place.
Thanks for being here on my birthday, Mr. Isaak, Joe, Mt. View Marching Band, Rogaine,Kelly, my family and thanks to you for all the love. 

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  1. I missed your birthday! Happy Belated Birthday. And going to see chris Isaak? AWESOME