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Monday, September 20, 2010

This Weeks Garage Sale Finds

Garaging was great this weekend! Take a look...I picked up this beautiful Bombay Company table at the estate sale. We priced it at $65.00 and it didn't sell, at 11:00am we reduced everything by 25% and it still didn't sell. At 12:00pm we reduced everything by 50%- When I saw this sweet table still sitting there, I snatched it up. A steal for $32.50. A gallon of wood spools for $6An apothecary jar full of faux fruit for $5, vintage dice for $1.00, and an iron urn for $3.
Iron Bookends $2, vintage recipe book 1.00, craft book 1.00.

New candy jar $1.00Iron urn $1.00
4 quarts of vintage buttons $5.00

This king size pottery barn bedding set was another estate sale find at 50% off. I paid $37.50. I love the beaded pillow. The benefit of organizing an estate sale is the privilege to pre-shop. Here's a few items I picked up at full price.
Metal tiles $20
This hook shelf has a great chippy look- it was $15.
This apothecary jar- now filled with the vintage buttons bought, was $5. We had so much fun at the estate sale, I'll give you an update on Wednesday: Trash to Cash. Hope you had a great weekend. Love, Kelly


  1. Great items. You really did good. Hugs, Marty

  2. You are so lucky!! I can't even imagine buying tall the stuff in the dollars you spent on!! I wish we had the garage sale and car boot sale in India!!

  3. I love the book ends, I would have definitely bought those! And so cheap!!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the estate sale. You are great at what you do. And I must admit that I benefited greatly from that sale. That ottoman has sparked an entire living room rearrange! Which isn't easy to do when you have a piano like mine!
    Wish I could find buttons like that--I collect them and never have luck finding any.
    Glad you posted this. I was wondering if you'd done any pre-sale shopping!

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  6. ahhhh i need to get back out there and shop! you inspire me! thanks for the great posts and pictures. you find some amazing things.

  7. Love the table and the buttons!

  8. Wow! Four quarts of buttons! Just picture a bug-eyed reader. I really love the bookshelf and metal tiles and have to agree with you on that side table. We always love visiting the Bombay Company. What a steal!