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Monday, September 27, 2010

This Weeks Garage Sale Finds

Here's what I found...
This wood mantle clock was only $5.00- and it works!I can never pass up a candy jar. The fishbowl style was .75, the old fashioned silver lid jar was 1.00 and the fluted bowl was .50- Can't wait to show you what I'm doing with these.
We ended up at a vintage sale- not garage sale prices, but for $5.00 I had to have this 1967 alphabet card. This will be framed for our playroom.
I just love this set of grapevine pumpkins for $5.00- They even light-up. They remind me of the ones at pottery barn, with one exception, the large pumpkin sells for $79.00!I picked up a few dresses this weekend at a garage sale for $1.00 a piece. I had never heard of the designer Mary Ellen, but loved the style of this white cotton dress...
Imagine my surprise when I looked it up on ebay and it said "Fresh Produce Mary Ellen Dress". With a little google search I learned that Mary Ellen is the founder of Fresh Produce and this is a new line. I also discovered that these dresses sell on ebay for approx. $39.99! Can't wait to get this one listed and see how she does.

With only 1 day of garaging, (I had my sale on Friday and will share how much I made on Trash to Cash Wednesday) I only found a few treasures, but boy am I happy with them! Love, Kelly.


  1. Nice haul! I also found a nice old mantel clock for $5 this summer at a yard sale. I love them. It only needs a new cord.

  2. Love your grapevine punkins & that alphabet card. I bought a large grapevine pumpkin last year at Hobby Lobby and it looks just like these:)
    P.S. What size is the dress? Its really cute so I may need to be watchin that one!

  3. what finds! I am particularly jealous of the flash card. ;)

  4. Love the alphabet card; it looks like it's in very good shape. Reminds me of primary school.:) I also love that you take chances with clothing brands. I had a similar experience with a skirt this past wk. (brand from Anthropologie). That kind of thing is a lovely surprise!