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Monday, September 6, 2010

Lucky number ten ($10.00)

A few weeks ago I received a $10.00 coupon off any purchase at Kohl's.
No minimum, no strings attached.
I had an idea.
What could I buy for $10.00?  Not for me, but for EBay.
You know I love Vera Wang.
This dress was on the clearance rack and priced at $14.99.  Because of my $10.00 off coupon, I paid $4.99 (plus tax).
I came home and listed the amazing dress (seriously, isn't it awesome) on EBay for $14.99.
It sold and I made $10.00.
In honor of the number 10, I wanted to feature 10 finds of the last few weeks.
This is the same concept as Follow the Golden Graham Cash, with a Kohl's twist.
I found these items for 10 dimes ($1.00) each at Goodwill.
1.  These cute little Ann Taylor Loft size 00 petite pants were listed at $6.99.  I received an email from a buyer asking if I'd list a "buy it now" price at $10.00.  Lucky me.
2.  This Ann Taylor Loft Size 0 Petite sold for $15.00.
3.  These Nike XL Women's Black Pants sold for $18.00.
4.  This Chico's Size 1 Denim Full Long Skirt sold for $12.00
5.  This J.Jill Silk Velvet NWT Dress sold for $10.50.
6.  This Adidas tennis skirt sold for $10.50.  Cool.
7.  This Women's XL Star Wars shirt sold for $19.00.
8.  This lovely Ann Taylor Medium Black Dress sold for $12.50.
9.  These Chico's Linen Cropped Size 2 Pants sold for $14.99.
 10.  This Tommy Bahama XXL Men's shirt sold for $20.00.  I have a love affair with Tommy Bahama.  Don't worry, the counselor understands. 
So, what else is happening over here?
Dresses at Goodwill are normally priced $10.00.  
I found this Blue Fish Dress and bought it for $5.00 on 1/2 off day.  
Once I realized they sell new for around $300, I decided to list it at $99.99. It didn't sell. The next week I listed it at $74.99.  It didn't sell.  Now I have it listed with a "buy it now " price of $60.00.  
When will it sell?  Like 10 years from now?  
I hope I don't have to mark it down to $10.00.  That would be a bummer.
By the way, Chandler has been taking my photos as of late.  He gets paid .10 cents/per item.  
 Most of the time he does a great job, but sometimes . . .
Let's just say this is what happens when you put your 10 year-old son and his best friend in charge of taking the pictures.
I paid 10 dimes for this Ralph Lauren Skirt and had it already to put up on EBay.
I pulled it.  Because I loved it so much I had to have it to wear for myself, for at least 10 days or more.
Yes, 10 is a lucky little number.
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  1. I wish I could find a Goodwill that sold items for $1.00! Lucky you!

  2. You did so well. What awesome finds!

  3. Boy, you really scored! Nice stuff.

    Nice post!


  4. once again I am in awe. you are amazing. I am going to have to try this.

  5. I need to start looking around your e-bay shop. You find some incredible items.

    You really seem to have an eye for finding treasure.

    Thank you for linking.

    I'm still chuckling over the boys creative picture taking.