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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trash to Cash Wednesday!

I'm happy to report that the garage sale was a success. After everything was set up I really didn't think I had much of value- but 4 hours later I had $190.00 in my pocket and felt pretty good. One little secret I'd like to share with you. If you're having a sale and don't want to pack up what's left over, put an ad on craigslist, "Free Garage Sale Leftovers" put your address (no phone number or you will get a ton of calls) and everything should be gone with-in the hour. It was so hot here on Friday, I just couldn't bear the idea of packing everything in boxes, loading it in the truck (I promised myself nothing was coming back in the garage) and driving it to a donation center. I just put everything in a pile at the end of the driveway, posted the ad, jumped in the shower and by the time I got out of the shower, someone was loading my leftovers. Gotta love craigslist! Here's this weeks top ebay sellers...

I picked up this Gap New with tags Size 6 denim jacket last weekend at a yard sale for $2.00,
it sold for $14.51. I picked up 3 Talbots dresses, all size 8 on dollar day at the thrift store- someone must have gone through their closet and made a nice donation.
The salmon colored floral dress sold for 9.00The green linen dress with embroidery sold for 9.00and the pink, pure silk floral sold for $12.00. $30.00 earned on a $3.00 investment- not bad.
I picked up 6 Men's Tommy Bahama size L silk shirts from the estate sale I organized and sold all but 1 this week.

This Tommy Bahama Size Large Silvery blue shirt sold for $10.27
This blue and White Tommy Bahama sold for $22.72. I invested 12.00 on the 6 shirts and sold them for a total of $57.00.This New With Tags Geoffrey Beene size XL orange shirt was just 1.00 at the thrift store. I Listed it at $8.00 and received a buy it now offer for $15.00- Sold for $15.00. But the high sell of the week is this New With Tags Bebe Size 0 High Waist Pencil Skirt. The price tag read $98.00
I paid $2.00 at the estate sale and it sold for $32.00. Overall, another great week on ebay. Hopefully it will start cooling off here soon and I can get to work on some garage refinishing projects for craigslist. Here's how I did this week.

Ebay Profits:$699.24
Craigslist Profits:0
Garage Sale:$190.00
Costs: 43.00(clothes), 62.63(ebay fees), 56.47(paypal fees)
Total Profit:$727.14

I needed $2500.00 to buy a new computer, it's been 4 weeks and I met my goal... I'll post some pics on Friday! Love, Kelly


  1. My dear I think that you could be a personal shopper for someone and make a killing of items that they are looking for. :)

  2. Frugal Score and some serious cash made! I found five size 0 Ann Taylor dresses, each one prettier than the last. I paid two dollars each and hope to do as well as you did.

  3. You are so amazing. The word that comes to mind is "go-getter." You made it happen and wow, did you do that fast. I can't wait to see that computer.

  4. That's awesome, what kind of computer are you buying?

  5. Aesome!! I havefallen in love with red, green dres and black skirt!! if only!!

  6. You gals are such an inspiration! I've spent the last two days accumulating some things to list - so much that I don't know what to do with it all! I was wondering if you might consider doing a post on how you keep everything organized - how you store things waiting to be listed, how you keep up with your expenses . . .stuff like that. This ebay thing brings a whole new dimension to my junking addiction!

  7. Congratulations on meeting your goal! I haven't set a goal yet, but just paid for my daughter Irish Dance competition registration with part of the cash from my recent foray into eBay selling. So thanks again for all your posts and encouragement to readers!