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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Trash That Could've Been

Some weeks it happens to me, other weeks it happens to Kelly.
The trash we could've have brought home if only it had been the right price.
Some garage sales are down right ridiculously over-priced and that breaks my heart.
Like stubbing my toe, it hurt's and causes me to reflect on the pain throughout the day.
I have to crack up when Kelly calls with a story. She is so great at telling stories about "Trash that could've been." I feel it, I really feel the pain.
I found this video and cracked up.
This is the lady who thinks her trash is all that and she's not selling it for cheap.


  1. That had me cracking up! There are too many people just like her in this world:)

  2. Those garage sales drive me crazy. My mom asked a lady how much clothes were the other day and the lady said " it depends most are $2-$3 but if they have holes or stains they are only $1." LOL! I try not to be to much of a cheapskate. It has to be REAL nice for me to spend over $2.

  3. Love it! By the way, Jen over at Denton Sanatorium suggested I click on your blog & contact you because I have questions about making tissue paper pom poms. I actually tried it and am not happy with the results. I posted a picture of what I came up with on my blog today. Do you have any tips?

  4. Your lucky to find such great stuff at your yard sales. I've been doing yard sales for a bit and the furniture is just awful. 80's crap, veneer etc. I live in a pretty reasonably well to do area too. But no such luck around here.