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Monday, August 27, 2012

This Latest at Qcumberz

Eden dressed in a $1.00 vintage cherry shirt and $1.00 Ralph Lauren skirt from Goodwill spent some girly time with Grandma Lofgreen.
Chandler and I headed to Qcumberz to drop off a couple of new dressers.
This dresser, built in 1948, 
has the sweetest mafia brass knuckle fixtures.  
I tried these fixtures on for size and they fit pretty good on my fingers.
Even with the amazing fixtures, I realize this piece is a little boring.  I tried to paint it so it matched the era, but wanted it to have a bit of flair too.
Here's how it turned out.  Do you like the vintage musician sitting on top?
Maybe he would use the mafia brass knuckles to take care of business.
And here's how my trash looks at Qcumberz.  
I found the copper watering can, old bucket, beaded retro place mats, pottery chicken (that thing is so heavy) and vintage globe while thrifting.
Here's my vintage lamp with cool street signs.
I love getting down to Qcumberz in Phoenix.  Summer sales have been great, but once if cools off it's sure to get even better.  

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