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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Gray Hair and Another Peacock Green Dresser

It all started with one gray hair.  I found it last week. 
With a little looking, I found another one.
Two gray hairs, which I plucked immediately!
I started breathing heavy.
I looked in the mirror, certain I could talk my body out of it, like maybe if I just took a bit of stress out of my life I could control this unexpected surprise.  There’s no turning back, is there.  Once it’s done, it’s done. 
You can’t undo a gray hair.
I told the counselor when he came home, the very counselor with salt n’ pepper gray hair, a combination that makes him look very distinguished, that I found my first gray hair.
“I know I’m getting older,” he said, “but I just didn’t think you were getting older too.”
A very sweet compliment, as he does still call me his fiancé, but I felt a tinge of guilt.  I’m not supposed to be getting older, but little clues are slipping in here and there.
If I don’t take my calcium supplement every day, I have bone aches.
My mother-in-law told me at my age I shouldn’t be lifting heavy dressers.
I’ll be 40 next month and all the pending doom that comes with having a baby over the age of 40 hovers over me like a dark rain could. 
How is it I have a gray hair but I can still do the splits. 
I did a back flip off the diving board last night and my son’s friends thought I was cool.
But later, my feet ache!
A gray hair is a reality check.  Heck, women my age are getting plastic surgery.
But no worries because my five kids keep me young.
Mayer put together an art gallery of stickered papers on my bedroom wall, so I can see them even when I sleep.
Chandler found a caterpillar and we are all so entertained by this little thing.  
This caterpillar eats like crazy.  Makes me wonder if the children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a work of fiction of not?  I keep telling my kids, "Dang, that is a very hungry caterpillar, isn't it."  
Payson does pull-ups all day long, excited he has one vein bulging from his 10 year-old arm.
Even with a swimming pool, Reef wants to play in this giant water-filled raft instead.  
Remember this raft I found last year at Goodwill for $20?  
Eden is talking lots.  Everything she says ends with “Mom” and appears somewhat like a question.  For example, “Juice, Mom?” or "Doggy, Mom?”  I cherish that she wants to run all her little ideas by me.
I did some thrifting.  Here’s an example of what not to buy.
Strangely large family portraits from the late 1970’s, priced to sell at $24.99.  What?  You wouldn't want this thing hanging in your living room?
What too buy?
Large artwork featuring a peacock.
This thing's almost as tall as my mid-century china hutch.  I'm not sure if I should keep it or take it down to Qcumberz.
Speaking of peacock, I did paint up another trendy peacock green dresser.
Staying trendy keeps me young, I hope.  So does one last summer adventure before the kids start school.


  1. Hi! I'm outside Qcumberz right now. It's a little after 10am. Anyone inside? Thanks!!

  2. You should really try and take some pics of that peacock painted piece of furniture with the peacock, they would go absolutely great together

  3. I found my first grey hair at 28 years old. I would have considered myself LUCKY not having to see one until I was 39. ;)

    "family portraits from the late 1970’s, priced to sell at $24.99" This made me *LOL*
    The seller must have read somewhere that vintage photos sell for good prices and not have continued reading to see they were talking about photos from the 1920s to 1950s or something along those lines.

  4. I found my first gray hair when I was 22. In the dressing room of motherhood maternity. I blamed it on two babies in a year. I have to color now. I will not go gray.

    Having babies and kids ages me while keeping me young at the same time.

  5. "I’ll be 40 next month and all the pending doom that comes with having a baby over the age of 40 hovers over me like a dark rain could."

    Did I miss something? Are you pregnant?

  6. I'm thinking the same thing, Susan! Laura---do you have an announcement? :)

    I found my first gray hair at 35 on New Year's Eve a few years ago. I was in Germany for a beautiful skiing weekend. The gray hair was a shock to say the least. Now I highlight to cover the gray.

    I'm turning 39 next month. And I think I need reading glasses to read up close now. I squint at small writing. What's next? :)