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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Soft, Sweet Accomodating Toothbrush and a Creative Dresser

I’ve been out of town in Utah for a few days with my mom.  The first night there I realized I forgot my toothbrush.  You know, you can learn a lot about someone by their toothbrush (or the fact that they forgot it).
Look at my mom's, which she so graciously offered to share with me (true mother/daughter love going on here).  I was cracking up.
"Where in the world did you get this toothbrush?  Is it a real toothbrush or a doll's toothbrush?" I asked.
She said her dentist told her to use the softest toothbrush she could purchase, but really?  A toothbrush still needs some bristle, doesn't it!   Her toothbrush has obviously served it's purpose well.   A tender heart deserves a tender toothbrush.  The fact that I forgot mine goes to show how much like the absent-minded professor I am.
We stayed across the street from Temple Square and it was so special to revisit my mission.
We also made it up to Park City to hug a few trees.
Now that I’m back and the kids are in school, including Reef in preschool, it’s just Eden and I.
It’s quiet, but we are reading, playing with her kitchen and spending lots of time outside. Together, we painted this super cool dresser.
 Well, actually she rode her tricycle while I painted, but she did bring me my foam paint brush.
With this dresser I just was in a mood to have fun,
to express my favorite colors and showcase some cool distressing techniques.
 Here’s to Qcumberz, where this dresser is headed. Have a great weekend.
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  1. I laughed when I read about your mother's toothbrush. I did not know you were supposed to change your toothbrush every 6 months until I had left home! My mother has oodles of toothbrushes from the dentist because she never changes!

  2. SO cute! (from one tree hug-ger to another! :)

  3. “…you can learn a lot about someone by their toothbrush…” – Couldn’t be any more right. :) A toothbrush is a very personal thing. It was even said that it was too sacred to be shared - not that we should, okay? But by looking at someone’s toothbrush or observing someone’s dental care habits, you can somehow tell what certain characteristics a person has. In any case, I think your mom needs to let her toothbrush rest. It sure has served its purpose. :D

    Trinidad Philipps