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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Memory Catcher and my own prebirth experience

The response to The Memory Catcher (released date October 2012 by Springcreek Books) the new book I’ve written with my mom, author Sarah Hinze has been amazing.  I’ve received so many emails from blog readers and facebook friends sharing stories and memories about their unborn children; tiny guardian angels who watch over us before they are born.  Thank you to those who have taken the time to share such private and personal memories with me and especially to those of you who have lost your baby through miscarriage, a stillborn birth or death, my heart and prayers go out to you.  Your faith is amazing.

Unborn children can warn, protect and enlighten us from another plane of existence. Most often they appear to announce it is their time to be born.  This idea is not a new concept. In fact, hundreds of ancient texts from many cultures provide insight into man’s true nature and origin as a child of God.  Many people who see these angels are literally transformed and their hearts are changed as evidence of our eternal nature is revealed to them.  We are children of God.

It was my mom’s own prebirth experience and her interest in what may have happened to the child she miscarried that prompted her to embark on what has become a pioneering journey and an in-depth study of the human soul.  Miscarriage is one of the most devastating experiences any woman can go through.  I know my mom’s heart was broken and she thought she would never heal emotionally.  But time, the love of family and friends, and other experiences brought hope and eventually emotional healing to her.  In The Memory Catcher my mom shares this and other key experiences that shaped her life and set her on course to become one of the world's greatest advocates of the unborn.

So what about me?  Have I had my own prebirth experience with my own children?
I have had several experiences feeling my unborn children near, but what I want to share is what happened before my daughter Eden was born.

In 2009, I had four boys, ranging in ages 9 to 1.

I was a busy as I could be and many days felt like I came up short.  There was never enough time to clean, help with homework, cook healthy meals, give hugs and so on.  Still, I love mothering more then anything else.  I have always found the greatest happiness in my home.
I was asked all the time “Are you going to try for a girl?”  People seemed fascinated with the idea I could have four boys.
I was used to the idea I might never have a daughter and although I knew it would be amazing to someday have a girl, I was alright with the fact that I might only mother sons.
Other perks of having four boys:  It was great I could sign birthday and holiday cards “Love, the Lofgreen boys.”  When I needed to round them up, I simply shouted “BOYS!” and they would all come.

I could ask the counselor “Where are the boys?”  Having four of one gender was a straightforward way to classifying my offspring.
My boys provided all the love I needed.  They are insightful darling little creatures, full of adventure and absolutely adorable.

They certainly kept me up to my chin in mothering.  The last thing I wanted to think about was going through another pregnancy, even if it might be a girl, which I was certain it would never be anyway.  The counselor and I made boys.  That’s what we did and I couldn't imagine that changing anytime soon.

One day after church I was in my room when I had an impression come into my mind.
“Another child wishes to join your home.  You are to have another baby.”
Well, that was strange thought.
As I hung up my church dress and put my shoes away, I could hear my boys screaming in the other room.  They were hungry, the one-year old needed a diaper change and the older ones wanted to tell me all about the special things they had learned at church.  Like I had room to throw another kid into that bunch!
The impression came again, stronger.  “You are to have another baby.”
I took a moment to absorb what was happening.  I felt it was the spirit of the Lord talking to me, but maybe the Lord didn’t understand my predicament.

In my mind, I spoke back to the voice.  “My baby just turned one.  I am so busy with my children, there is no way I can have a baby right now.”
As clear as day, the voice spoke back in my mind and I'll never forget what it said:
“You can do it your way or my way.”

Well, I’ve never been one to argue with the Lord’s way.  I believe God can speak to us through a still small voice.  I knew the voice in my mind was from my Father in Heaven.
But, what would the counselor think?  He would have to be an active participant in this little endeavor and more then anyone, he knew by the end of most days I looked like I’d just climbed out of a coal mine.

I asked him to come into the room and told him what happened.  He took me into his arms and kissed me.
“I guess we’re having another baby.”
No surprise there.  The counselor loves being a dad.  Unlike me, he doesn’t seem to get overwhelmed by the day to day tasks.  He has an amazing way of keeping his cool just as my top is boiling over.  He takes his role as provider seriously, but finds lots of joy in the journey.  We are a good pair, that beautiful man and I.

The next month, I took a pregnancy test and was thrilled to find out I was pregnant.  Surprisingly, I didn’t feel overwhelmed.  Instead, I felt blessed.  I didn’t feel like I had made a mistake or moved too quickly.  I felt embraced in the goodness of God.  I felt more love for my children then I thought possible.  During my pregnancy, I was a better mother.  I was more focused and more aware that I wanted to make the sacrifices necessary to have this baby.  It was a privilege to follow through with what God wanted me to do.

But, you can imagine my absolute shock and surprise when I found out I was pregnant with a girl.   Talk about an added bonus!  Wow!  I’ll take it.  How grateful I am that a loving Father in Heaven knew just what I needed when I needed it.
Just keeping it real!

Many people have experiences guiding their family planning.  I think we can all have experiences in which God let’s us know what we are to do with our lives.  Career paths, living situations, whom we should date or marry, children we should have and so on.
If you would like to share a prebirth experience you've had, my mom is always collecting more stories for future books.  Please email me at, as I love to hear your stories too.  I can always forward them over to her or you can email her directly at
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  1. Very nice 'O' post :D You have a lovely family :)

  2. Glad you got your little princess. My daughter is pregnant with her third after two little knuckleheads. She and her husband don't know if it's a boy or girl and won't find out until the birth - they just like it that way. But both boys insist it's a little sister and when asked why, they just say, 'cuz that's what we want. So we'll see if what they want and what Heavenly Father want are one and the same! :)

  3. You are so cOOl!

    I love how you love your family!

    And your gorgeous smile always makes me smile back...even though it's just to my computer screen!

    You have a really Outstanding family...and I know how cute your Princess is in real life!

    Thank you for linking!

    Enjoy the rain today!


    1. Simply put. . . you are a beautiful woman who blesses so many people's lives. Hugs to you.