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Monday, August 20, 2012

Flea Market Style Magazine and Be Nice

I’m loving Flea Market Style Magazine and after devouring their Summer 2012 issue, I passed it over to Kelly to let her feel the love.  
There are so many amazing ideas, one of which has to do with vintage clip boards (do you see the pear art on clip boards?).  I’ve been on the lookout for some, but have had no luck.  This weekend, I went into the Lutheran Thrift Store here in Mesa, one of the most organized and clean thrift stores I’ve ever been in.   There were smiley volunteers everywhere and it was obvious they took pride in their beautiful space.  On the shelf in a bin were 6 clip boards for .50 cents each.  Since it was half-price Saturday, I walked away with a great bargain. 
I picked some metal letters up at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.  I’d never been to Hobby Lobby and kept hearing such great things about it.  I, along with 5 enthusiastic kids, went shopping.  We left with a full cart and when we excited the store, there was a huge dust storm.  Then, on the ride home, the air conditioning in the car went out.  We made it home safe, although sweaty & dusty and my first trip to Hobby Lobby left a lasting impression on me and the kids.

With the clipboards found, I was finally able to complete my little project idea. 

The counselor was extra nice, bringing me home dressers and flowers.  
Which do you think I liked better?  Flowers or dressers?  Well, that’s an easy question isn’t it!

Chandler’s caterpillar stayed in its cocoon for about 10 days, and then finally turned into this moth.  
We have pretty scary bugs here in Arizona with scorpions, black widows, wolf spiders and an abundant collection of cockroaches, so a nice caterpillar on our front porch was a welcomed visitor.

When all else fails, being nice is a great characteristic to fall back on.  
Over the weekend, my mom and I were talking and she told me in her reaction to experiences and people, she’d rather error on the side kindness and mercy then judgment and bitterness.  I’m so happy to have my BE NICE on display in my home.  I wonder how many times my kids and I will read it throughout the day.    


  1. Cute clipboards! Cheers, Ki

  2. Like it Laura! I have some clipboards that I picked up at a garage sale a few months ago and am waiting to figure out how to use them. I've seen the clip part spray painted fun colors so I'm thinking about doin that.

    Glad that you had a couple of days with your Mom!


  3. I so want to do this for my grandson's industrial nursery. Amanda already has these same letters that spell his name! You are brilliant.