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Monday, August 20, 2012

Goo Gone Passion Contest

Remember the Goo Gone Passion Project My Dear Trash participated in last year?  We received this package in the mail...

Which was full of awesome Goo gone products AND a jewelry box that was covered in marker and crayon.

we were able to try out the Goo Gone Product and it WORKED.  See original post here.    Well, now it's your turn!  Goo Gone is giving readers a chance to participate in the Goo Gone Passion Contest.  All you do is visit Goo Gone's Facebook page here and enter information about your hobby or passion.  The winner will receive a gooed up item that correlates with their particular passion and some product to “undo the goo.”  One past participant even received a Bar-B-Que!   Head on over to Facebook and get signed up Now!  Hope it's one of our readers that wins.  Good luck.  Love, Kelly

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