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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Shop and This Weeks Finds?

In order to show you this weeks finds- I also have to show you my newly furnished spaced at Qcumberz- because again, I forgot to take pictures! What's worse is that I also forgot my camera (things are a little crazy right now- can you tell?) So here's some cell phone pics- AGAIN!
Hard to see- but the buffet on the back wall was a $25 purchase! Here's a look at the other side of the space...Here's some details of my finds...

This fabulous architectural piece was once a headboard that we purchased for $10- All we did was cut off the legs- the aging was already perfect- If this doesn't sell- I think I'll be keeping it.
This victorian settee and chair were $120 for the set at auction
And this little cutie with wood wheels and amazing detail was only $20 at auction. I'd love to hear what you found this weekend. Leave us a comment. Love, Kelly.

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