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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

100 Loaves of Bread

Our family loves to give gifts to our neighbors and friends and each year we try to come up with something new. Last year we delivered these little snowman made out of giant size symphony chocolate bars...
This year we made over 100 mini loaves of whole wheat bread...Since bread isn't very creative, we decided to dress up the tag a bit. This is side one...
And this is side two...

I saw this idea on pinterest and knew the kids would be able to make it (I just have to tie the bows) We'll be delivering the second half of these tonight and will be one step closer to finishing all of our Christmas to dos. Hope you're enjoying this beautiful season. Also, a big thank you to all of you who have become followers- we're only 11 away from our 1,000 follower give-away- Can we do it by Christmas? What a fantastic gift that would be- If you haven't already- click on "Join this site" we'd love to be able to include you in our trashy weekend give-away. Love, Kelly.


  1. Got one of those cute little loaves tonight . . . thanks!

  2. so cuuuuute!
    Oh, and I wanna win your weekend give-away sooo badly!

  3. I totally pinned that snowman idea for next year! Supercute!!!