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Monday, December 5, 2011

The gift of trash as a baby gift to a mother of 5

My friend Amberlee, beautiful, super skilled, most talented, always has a smile on her face and designer jeans on her cute little bod, exceptional taste in home d├ęcor, art and friends (just saying), exemplar in all things love and mother of not four, but five children.  

She just had her fifth little precious angel, a baby boy named Steele.

He’s beautiful and I asked if I could take some photos of her baby sent straight from heaven. 
Amberlee loved the idea.

Stepping inside Amberlee's home to set up for the photo shoot, I never noticed how organic everything is; rock stone-tiled floors, lots of plants; dark wood furniture that looks like it’s from an old European church, and this trunk.
“It’s trash,” she said, referring to the fact she purchased it at a thrift store.
Really!  Trash! 
I had to have little Steele photographed by this trunk.
I brought this retro table and little drawer too.

Here’s how the photo's turned out.

So, what do you give to a mother of five as a baby gift?  With three other boys, she already has the clothes, toys, bedding, stoller, etc.
Amberlee’s older children love to play outside.
When I found this teak wood rocker for $14.99 at Goodwill, I had an idea.
I already had these Anthropologie cushions I’d found out garage selling for $2.00 a piece.
This is what happens when trash collides.
Now, she can sit out on her front patio and watch the kids’ play, while she nurses that new little one.


  1. Oh my goodness. Trash collision perfection. What a wonderful friend you are. Love the pics of Steele.

  2. Cute, Laura!

    And is photography your new venture? How creative of you! :)


  3. Beautiful photos and Baby is just Gorgeous!
    I also love his name.
    When hes older he will probably Steele many hearts.

  4. Love the trunk and you have done an amazing job on the rocker. What a cute little bubba, makes me a bit clucky...eek! Sherry :)