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Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Review: The Table

First of all a big THANK YOU to our blog followers. We've reach 1000! We'll be getting all the details of our give-a-way together this week and will kick off the Trashy Weekend Give-A-Way on January 2nd. To enter we're going to be asking you to leave a comment letting us know what you most want to do during your trashy weekend- So be thinking. We'll use a random generator to choose the winner so what you answer won't change your odds of winning- it will just give us a better idea of what to plan while you're here. Now, onto Christmas. This week I'll be doing a holiday review of how our family celebrated Christmas this year- learn how trash was turned to treasure and craigslist saved the day. First, I wanted to share our table for our Christmas Eve feast. Two of my daughters, the 19 and the 14 did the table- completely on their own. It was absolutely stunning and I'm so proud of the talents they have. Here's a peek...Snowflake ornaments were hung with fishing line from the ceiling and lined the center of the table.
The Vintage Homer Laughlin dishes were given to me last year by a dear friend who passed away in April 2011. She was appropriately named- Joy- and that is what we felt as we reminisced about our past Christmas' with her.
Candles and fresh flowers added a sweet touch
We served prime rib, baked potatoes, berry salad, rolls, corn, fresh veggies, deviled eggs and a cheeseball with crackers. It was a delicious meal and a perfect way to begin our celebration. Dinner is always followed by one christmas present being unwrapped by the kids (pajamas) and then Rice Krispies and hot cocoa get packed in the car so we can drive around and look at lights. I'd love to hear what your Christmas Eve traditions are- leave us a comment. Love, Kelly.


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures and Christmas traditions.

    Our Christmas Eve tradition is Chinese dinner out,then back home to walk (we live in Florida) a neighborhood street that is known for their abundance of lights, home again for eggnog and/or wassail, a movie (this year Sound of Music) and just being together. It was grand, as was Christmas Day.

  2. Congratulations on 1000! Sounds like your Christmas was an enjoyable one as was ours. Here's to 2012!

  3. Congratulations on the number of followers to your fabulous blog!! No big traditions here since it is just my husband and I. But, that is surely enough for me :-) God is good!