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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cupboard Door Chalkboard Project!

A while back I picked up a whole stack of cupboard doors at a garage sale for a few bucks- So this week I thought I'd use a few in some projects. Here's the before of my first door...It measures over 3 feet tall and almost 2 feet wide so I thought it'd make a great chalkboard for the shop. Here's the after...

I used FolkArts Patina paint and then glazed with Briwax in dark brown. I just love the finish. Let me know what you think. Love Kelly.


  1. I love it! Looks awesome. Man! I'm bummed too. I bought a couple cupboard doors real cheap at a yardsale years ago thinking they'd be perfect for something. But, I could never think of what to do with them & finally got rid of them. I should have had your fabulous idea then!

  2. I am now a bri wax addict. Used it on those two small paintings, and they're awesome! Thanks!

  3. Hi,
    I love how it turned out!! How did you do the lettering? I am trying to do as much of a "homemade" Christmas as possible and this would make a great holiday present to give. Thanks!

  4. Katie,
    I painted the cupboard white, then applied vinyl lettering, which I cut using my cricut. I then painted over the lettering with the chalkboard paint and peeled off the letters. If you don't have access to vinyl lettering then try this: after the chalkboard paint has dried, print your words from a computer on to regular paper. Place a piece of carbon paper ( you can purchase carbon paper in different colors at JoAnn's or a similar sewing store - so it will show up on the black) Place your lettering on top and trace. You will end up with the outline of your lettering on the chalkboard. Fill in the letters with a paint pen- when dry, lightly sand to distress. Good Luck, hope this helps.