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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finally Yellow!

Long, long ago, before I ever painted dressers, I saw this picture on someone's blog.
(I lost the photo credit, sorry)
I gasped.
Pure beauty and I loved it.
Back then I wasn't a dresser painter or a furniture re-doer, so I just sat and drooled.
Bright colors were just becoming the thing, but yellow.  
This was a bold move.
A few months later, I took the risk.  I tried painting my first dresser.
Since then, I've painted dressers almost every color out there.
For resale, I know which colors sell best, but I finally wanted to try yellow.
I had to live my dream!
Not knowing if yellow is still a hot commodity or not, as an artist I just had to try.
So, here's to you yellow.
Let's see if you sell.


  1. It is GORGEOUS ! What is your secret to staining the top dark brown? I have a buffet piece I would like to try this technique on! Love your blog!