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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Giving Eden Dresses and My Dream

Sure, I'm always looking for great furniture pieces at the thrift store, but I always have my eye on the clothing too.  It's no secret, I love to shop.  It's also no secret, I love to dress up Eden.  I recently picked up some dresses for a few bucks each; one for me and one for Eden.
Eden's dress:  Old Navy $1.00
My dress:  Coldwater Creek $4.99
Reef's Pants:  Old Navy $3.99

I make banana muffins Saturday night, so come Sunday morning we have something quick to grab while running off to church.  Please don't get the idea the act of planning ahead actually gets us to church on time.  No, we are usually still a few minutes late anyway.

Here's a photo of Eden last Sunday morning.  I can't seem to get a photo of her without a banana muffin.

Eden's dress: The Children's Place $1.00

I had Eden pose for some photographs with my mom.

I found her little angelic dress while thrifting for $2.99.  I couldn't have found a better dress full price!

 Lately, I've been spending long summer days with my mom as she tells me about her childhood in Tennessee.  I've been to her home many times and remember the trees and breeze while sitting on the front porch swing.  A few nights ago, I had a dream that my mom was sitting on some steps near a front porch with Eden running up the walk way toward her.  This image was so stunning and so real, I had to recreate the scene.
This morning, it was cloudy and felt like Tennessee weather.  I knew what I needed to do. I drove around the historic areas of Mesa, looking for an older home with a beautiful front porch.  It took about 10 minutes to find it.  Then, I knocked on the door and asked the homeowner if I could take some photos.  She graciously said yes.
Do you see why I had to capture the love I felt?

I'm sandwiched between two angels; 
my mother on one end
 and my daughter on the other.
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  1. Such gorgeous pictures! Your mother and daughter both look stunning in white, I love the pictures!

  2. Hey Laura:

    I'm back after a long time on a family trip. Love these pics. Eden is sooooooo cute. Your Mom seems like such a nice person. Great Moms are the best!

    I'm so glad that you captured these photos. You are really talented at photography, writing, raising a gorgeous family, using ooops paint, etc.



  3. That was a beautiful post. And if you're sandwhiched between two angels I think you're in good company. Plus it stands to reason that perhaps you just might be one yourself and of course too modest to say so!

  4. Those photos are beautiful. I wish our "opportunity" shops here had bargains like you seem to find in the USA! I am moving interstate in a few weeks,,,maybe I will have more luck there, fingers crossed lol. Those last few photos are absolutely stunning. How nice of the lady to let you take those photos,,,,I envy her house lol!!!

  5. Wonderful photos! Children's clothes are soo expensive these days. You got some beautiful bargains for a beautiful child!!!

  6. Great photos - how cool to recreate a dream. One of my friends loves to thrift clothes for her kids, but I am even cheaper than she is = I wait for the hand-me-downs when her kids are through with them! ;-)

  7. OK! Eden is the most gorgeous girl-child! Love her eyes. These pictures showcase her sweet self. Love you and it's been too long since we chatted.

  8. Oh boy.

    this just made me tear up.

    Such beautiful pictures!

    And you look fantastic! You are getting prettier as time goes on!

    Thanks for a grand link for the letter "G".

    Hugs and A+