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Friday, July 6, 2012

Double the Dressers

I had a client who found my ad on craigslist for this dresser.  
Most things I paint, but this dresser was in perfect condition, so I wasn’t sure if I should paint it or not.  I wrote in the description of my ad that I would sell the dresser as-is, or for a small fee I would paint it.
My client came over and looked at the piece, then suggested a dark espresso top with a creamy distressed bottom.
I just have to finish up putting the hardware back on, but here’s how it turned out.  I hope she likes it!
A trick I’ve learned is when I paint one dresser I paint another one the same color.  The brush and roller is already wet with paint and I already have everything open.  This has saved me a lot of time.
So, here’s the second dresser before 
and here is it after I painted.  
It was nice to paint this dresser first, as it gave me practice to ensure I did the commissioned dresser for my client just right.
Do you notice anything different about this dresser?
One drawer is different.
The drawer fits perfect, telling me that’s how it was manufactured.  I guess it’s just a special drawer.
Anyway, painting two dressers together saves me a lot of time.
I did it again when I painted this huge dresser black.
I painted another one black too. 
Double the work and double the fun.
When they sell, double the reward!
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  1. amazing! this is a dream of mine to do, but i can't seem to jump off and do it. ive had a cute little sewing table/desk sitting in front of my house waiting to be remade and i'm just a chicken.
    I love these dressers! I wish I had them in my house let alone the nerve to paint them.
    Everytime I paint something small like a picture frame or a figurine it looks crummy to me. I either put too much paint or not enough. Any suggestions?

  2. Beautiful! I like painted things, I just don't like to paint!

  3. What a transformation! Going to look for those at the yard sales...nice job!


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